Team 9 Update

Feb. 11-15

At JCMS, we know that helping our students achieve success is a group effort. We appreciate all the family support that helps us help our students. In an effort to create a bridge between home and school, Team 9 will be using Smore to create newsletters to keep you informed of team happenings, school events, policies, and news of interest.

Student of the Week

This week, Team 9 decided to honor Thelonius Jones as student of the week. He was nominated because of his perserverance and diligience. TJ keeps up with the rigorous course work while being a student-athlete. His attitude is positive, and his work ethic is fantastic. Way to go, TJ!
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Upcoming Events

  • Thursday, 2/14/19- Enrollment Assembly (Students Only)

  • Friday, 2/15/19- End of 4th Term

  • Monday, 2/18/19- No School

Math- Mrs. Williams

We have started working on the Real Number System. See the weekly progress report for grades and for weekly agenda. We have covered square and cube roots and classifying real numbers. We will move into fractions and decimals (repeating and terminating) and rational versus irrational numbers this week.

Next week, we will have a mini unit on Scientific Notation that will be done through personal learning. Students will be able to work at their pace and see what personal learning is all about!

Contact me at or 717-4419.

Reminder: No School on Monday, February 18th. We will have a short quiz on February 19th.

Tutor Times:

Tuesday- lunch

Wednesday- 7:15AM

Thursday- lunch

Friday- CAT & PACK

Science-Mr. Hastings

Hello All!

Thanks for checking into team nine.

Last week was the week of tests and quizzes. Grades should be pretty much all wrapped up in my class for the 6 weeks, I will continue to grade missing work and test corrections, but I won't add anymore assignments, outside of the weekly warm ups.

This week we started to study genetics! This should hopefully spark some great conversations at home about different genes and traits that your family possesses.

Some good traits to look at with your son or daughter include,

HItchhikers thumb or not?

Widows peak?

Long second toe?

Attached ear lobes?

Comparing traits can be fun to see where different traits came from.

Thanks for your time.

Mr. Hastings

US History- Mr. Janner

This week in U.S. History, we examined immigrants of the 1800's and how their experience is connected to immigrants to the U.S. today, as well as focused on child labor and factory conditions during the Industrial Revolution. Next week we will start with an assembly line simulation and continue the week by focusing on how the differences in the North and South's economies drove the two sections of our country apart. We will have two 80% assignments next week, a vocab quiz (students were given time to analyze these words in class and should have them finished) and a Cutthroat History poster that will focus on the different economies of the North/South.

Speaking of 80% assignments, our DBQ essays are turning out nicely. Student were challenged to analyze documents on the Gold Rush and answer the question, "Did the Gold Rush have a positive or negative impact on California?" I have graded almost all of 2nd and 3rd Hour essays, so I will move onto 5th and 8th Hours' shortly. I am taking my time grading these so I can leave accurate and meaningful feedback for our students. If you see a asterisk in the gradebook, your students HAS turned in the essay, but I haven't graded it yet. If you see 50% grade, your student did not turn in the essay and it is passed due.

As soon as we finish with our Industrial Revolution Unit, we will move on to the events that lead up to the Civil War!

Language Arts- Mrs. Murphy

Starting next week in Language Arts, students will be reading Feed by M.T. Anderson. This futuristic, dystopian novel will help us explore our big Unit 3 Essential Question even further: "What role should ethical considerations play in the advancement of technology?" Talk to your student about this text at home!

Please feel free to e-mail me at any time with any questions or concerns. I am happy to help!

Mrs. Murphy