My 2014-2015 School Year

"This year, I got myself organized."

A Year of Change

This year, I went through some really big changes as I started middle school. First of all, I became a lot more organized. In addition, I suffered the loss of a beloved pet. However, I think that the biggest change that I went through was that I became more optimistic about school and life.


This is what my side of the bathroom currently looks like.
Big image
(It looked more like this last year)
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This year, I became more optimistic about various things, and I think that it made the year a lot more fun.
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R.I.P Submarine

This year, my betta fish, Submarine, died after living to the ripe old age of about a year and eight months. This video is of a betta fish (although Submarine looked much different)
Milky white halfmoon betta fish


In conclusion, I think that I changed in good ways this year. I think that being more organized and optimistic will help me in the future. I am also very sad about the loss of my pet fish, but at least I know not to make the same mistakes again if I get a second fish.