February Newsletter

From the Counseling Office

Salem Families,

Every year, I am surprised by how quickly time disappears and it is an important reminder that I need to make each day count.

As you know, students are working hard after having some unexpected snow days, teachers are collaborating with one another to support students' growth, and all staff work in harmony to make Salem a welcoming place for all families.

I hope your February is filled with love and compassion to those who may need it from you!

How To Be Your Own Superhero in Times of Stress

This is a wonderful book that introduces the topic of MINDFULNESS. The book describes that MINDFULNESS is a precious thing that helps you to make a right choice. A class of 5th grade students co-authored this book and they share some insightful stories on how they have used MINDFULNESS and how it helped them to make good choices. When you are aware of your thoughts and surroundings, it helps you to make a thoughtful decision.

Please use the link below to participate in some mindfulness exercises which is led by the 5th grade authors.

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A Closer Look

Character Trait of the Month: Compassion