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Performing Arts : Choir

Location : Position On The Earth's Surface

Google Maps:Coppell High School, 185 West Parkway Boulevard, Coppell, TX

Coppell High School is 5 minuets away from Primrose. Around the corner to a Wallgrens. Also 9 min away from The Spanish School House. And 6 minutes away from the Coppell Aquatic Recreation Centre

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Human Environmental Changes : Relationships Within Places

Since I am choir at the Coppell High School, I modified myself into being aware of when the bus is here to take me so I don't miss it. I needed to get used to being around more people in the hallway, in class, and not getting as much social communication with my class mates. Since Coppell High School and New Tech High @ Coppell are completely different school I needed to get used to changing the mind state when I switch to the school. Such as being more cautious in the halls, and having limited freedom because there are no trust cards there. I needed to adapt to the different culture when I would get there even if it was only for one period.

In the choir room we have a lot of water bottles in the closest for everyone because we don't stop singing the whole class. That can be environmental because compared to the academic classes we use up a lot of more water, but compared to the sports and band who are outside the whole time, hardly as much water compared to them.

An environmental effect can be, if it is pouring rain it is gonna take a longer time for the bus to go from New Tech to CHS. We will most likely be late because the weather had an effect on how we got there.

Place : Physical And Human Characteristics

The choir area is really big and open. There is a room for the uniforms and dresses for concerts, Vivace, Magicals, Mr. Caruth's and Mr.Brown's office, one really big main room with risers of where we sing every day, another room so we can work with our own singing parts, and another room with acoustics and risers just like the main stage we will perform in.

The human characteristics are very broad and diverse. There are people in choir with a lot of experience, people in choir since middle school, girls who took breaks, and some this is their first year. There are many different people who look different, sound different, sing different, and sight read different. But it is great when we can all come together to sing!

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Region : Human Constructs

In my choir class we have a lot of diversity. We have people who are Caucasian, Mexican, Spaniard, Pakistani, European, Italian, Irish, Indian, German, and many more. Since all of us come from different places, we all have different perspectives on politics, education and ethics.

A uniform we have in choir is the girls' black velvet and silk dresses, and the boys' white button up shirt, suit, and black bow tie.

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The type of movement we do in choir is our solfege for every song 90% until we learn the pitches, notes, rhythm, speed and ect. (such as do re mi fa sol la ti do) We have to do this for every note of every song and this is an expectation.

We also have the movement of our breathing and lungs to produce a good amount of air to sing with out tall vowels from our mouths

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