Preposterous Puck

By: Brieanna Gawenda

chaos and confusion are necessary parts of life

Puck is the type of character that creates chaos and confusion and he likes it so yes chaos and confusion are a necessary part of life. For example puck says “then will two at once woo one. That must be sport alone. And those things do best please me that befall preposterously" (III.II.120). In this situation robin puts the love potion in to the wrong person’s eyes and robin thinks that it is funny and does not mind that they just made a huge mistake. Also with putting this poison into the wrong person’s eyes it is causing chaos. By putting it into the wrong person’s eyes will create chaos and especially confusion because now the characters are going to fall in love with people that they did not originally like and that is going to change the whole plot of the play.

can people controle their own fate?

Puck shows that no some people can control their own fate. Puck can control other people’s fate by putting the flower juice into different people eyes and making them fall in love so this is how he is controlling other characters fate. Puck gives an example of this when he says "churl, upon thy eyes I thrown all the power this charm doth owe. When thou wakest, let love forbid sleep his seat on thy eyelid. So awake when I am gone" (II.II.65). Puck is actually going to control different people’s fates instead of them controlling them by their selves. Puck has this potion and he puts it in a characters eyes and makes them fall in love with people that they did not originally like. If someone was going to control their own fate they would not need this special flower juice.

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peoples actions can influence other peoples lives?

In the play mid summers night dream pucks actions influenced other people’s lives. So yes people’s actions can influence other people’s lives. Puck says "On the ground sleep sound. I’ll apply to your eyes. Gentle lover, remedy. (Squeezes flower juice into Lysander's eyes) when thou wakest, thou takest true delight in the sight (III.II.161). This quote is basically saying puck is going to put this juice into lysander’s eyes and when lysander wakes he will be delighted to see a women he once loved. pucks actions of putting the juice in lysander's eyes is changing how he lives cause he is going to wake up and love someone else. Puck is a big reason why there is a big plot twist because he is putting this flower juice into the wrong characters eyes and changing how some of the characters live.

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How Puck and I are similar

Puck and I are very similar we have a very similar personalities. Puck is the type of character that likes chaos, confusion, and playing jokes on people and I am the type of person that would cause chaos by playing jokes. We have very similar personalities because of that, puck had the opportunity to change people date and who they fall in love with. If I could I would also see myself doing something like that I would put the flower juice into people’s eyes and change who they fall in love with but because this is just a play unfortunately that is not possible. Also puck is obnoxious and does not really care what happens to him and is free willing. I am just like that I can be obnoxious in certain situations and I am free willing. I can be care less just like he can be sometimes.