What happened last night?

The picture on the left is a 15 year old male non drinker compared to the picture on the right which is a 15 year old male heavy drinker. The non drinker has more activity and thinking going on compared to the drinker on the right.


Alcoholism is the addiction to drinking alcoholic beverages

Target Population

Alcohol can affect anyone. It doesn't matter about ethnicity or age. You could have been born a day ago and still be affected by alcohol. That's called fetal alcohol syndrome. Alcohol also affects both genders but women worse than men. Women need to drink fewer alcoholic beverages than men to get intoxicated.

Nervous System

What does it do

The nervous system is the system of the brain. Your brain sends signals throughout your body to control your arms, legs and any other body part. Normally when your sober everything works normally. Full concentration, emotion, hearing, seeing, everything works normal. Alcoholism also effects brain damage and learning impairment.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

What is it?

Fetal alcohol syndrome is when a baby is born with birth defects. It can lead to brain damage, growth problems and behavior problems.

Onset of alcoholism

Alcoholism can be triggered by a number of ways. It can start simply by a group of friends saying, "Come on a few glasses of alcohol won't hurt." Some parents may provide alcohol as well to under aged drinkers. There is also a genetic way it can arise. It can be passed down from generations of family.

Signs and symptoms

Some of the symptoms of being diagnosed is starting to lose control of your job and school. Another symptom experiencing repeating legal problems and drinking to de-stress. Her is a good video on the signs of alcoholism.

How to Detect the Signs of Alcoholism

Alcoholism treatment


Counseling and Medications

Maintenance of Sobriety

The person diagnosed of alcoholism can be self driven and go to alcoholics anonymous


Medical emergency when the former alcoholic needs to take a small course of medicine after they experience withdrawals, hallucinations, and seizures


  • Alcohol causes about 2.5 million deaths in the US

  • Alcohol also causes 69.4 million disability adjustments

  • There are about 75,000 deaths a year due to alcohol related deaths. (includes any deaths while intoxicated/drunk.)


Some people in my family drink alcohol but don't have alcoholism. I chose this topic so I can tell them they may end up being diagnosed with alcoholism.