"The Golden Kite, the Sliver Wind"

By: Ray Bradbury


  • In China, their are two villages incapable power of competing against one another. The villages get even more competitive by racing against one another to build a wall around the villages. The shape of the walls that where being built wasn't meant to bring people in. But to be a symbolism of defeating each other villages.

Examples and Identifications

  • It shows in the story that the society would be a lot easier if, the communities worked together instead of against.
  • Example: When one wall was built in the shape of a blunt stick, The other town built their wall in the shape of a fire, to burn the stick. When one town recreated their wall to make it look like a sun, the other town built a new wall in the shape of the moon, to block out the sun."

Examples and evidence on the narrtors tone

  • The narrator is a third person point of view
  • man vs. man
  • man vs. nature
  • man vs. self


  • Anger
  • competiveness
  • Vague
  • Fear