The Tail of the Three Blind Mice

Eman Ordonez


Once, there were three blind mice, Squeaker, Darwin, and the oldest, Grey. They lived in a mice colony near a farm owned by a farmer, Tom, and his wife, Martha. One day, Martha found the mice in her backyard, nibbling on their crops. So she grabbed her carving knife and, one by one, she cut off their tails. The mice went running off, thinking that the farmer's wife was going to kill them. Since they were blind, they did not know where they were, and they called for their friends, not knowing if anyone could hear them. But one mouse came to them. His name was Chandler. He was one of their best friends. The 3 blind mice told Chandler the story about their missing tails, and he immediately took them to the leader of their mice colony, Major Mouse. The main reason he is the leader is because he is one of the two mice in the colony who could read and write, the other one being his successor, Mickey. Major Mouse agreed to help the 3 blind mice, so he came up with a grand idea to arrest the farmer's wife and put her into jail. Major Mouse thought he could be their lawyer, and he can make an indictment by sending a complaint to a court telling them that Martha committed a felony by using violence and slicing off their tails. They wouldn't have any witnesses, or anybody who was there at the scene, but they could use the carving knife as evidence. Then the judge will decide whether or not to put Martha into jail. The 3 blind mice told Major Mouse that this idea was certain to work. So they went right to it. Major Mouse commanded a 5 mice from the Mighty Mice Corp to retrieve the carving knife from the farm, and they did as they were told. Meanwhile, Major Mouse started on the complaint. When he finished, he sent it to the court, and the court sent a summons to Martha, stating that her arraignment was in 2 weeks and a half. That is when she, the defendant, will come before a court to answer a criminal charge. Martha was frustrated, and she called the court for a public defender, a court appointed attorney. Major Mouse helped the 3 blind mice so much they had their summary of their case ready 1 week before the trial. They knew that Martha would lose to this prosecution, the institution and conduct of legal proceedings against a defendant for criminal behavior. Finally, it was the day of the trial. The Grand Jury, jurors who decide whether or not there is enough evidence to bring a person to court and indict them, and the Petit Jury, responsible for whether or not the defendant is guilty after the evidence from both sides, were in their positions ready for the case to come. Grey represented the 3 blind mice as the plaintiff, and he went off with his summary. The jury seemed convinced. Next, was Martha. Martha went up, and started taking very quickly. But the most significant thing from her summary was that her summary had perjury in it, which is lying under the oath of telling the truth, and that is illegal. Then, the court summoned a subpoena, Tom. The court ordered him to appear and testify in court. He claimed that when he was in the kitchen, he saw Martha come from the back door with what seemed like a spoon, but she still had small red marks on her shirt. Grey was surprised that Martha never gave a plea bargain and just admit she cut off their tails. After that, the judge made his verdict, or decision. The judge said that Martha was convicted! She was guilty! Martha was infuriated, and she didn't even thinking about appealing that case, or applying it to a higher court for a reversal of the decision of the lower court. Tom was a bit poor, so he could not bail her out of prison. THE END