Taylor McKessie: Chief Justice


A Loose Constructionist for a Broader Democracy

The Constitution was drafted in order to secure civil liberties for all American citizens, and it is this idea that McKessie wishes to defend. As seen in her support for the Griswold v. Connecticut and Miranda v. Arizona Supreme Court rulings, nominee Taylor McKessie sees the Constitution as something that grows with contemporary issues, such as the constant battle for civil rights.

A Nominee with Experience

Lawyer; former Judge of Circuit Courts for Bernalillo County, New Mexico; former Yale University law professor, legal advisor to the United Nations

Whether she serves in New Mexico or Greece...

...McKessie has always had civil liberties and rights as a first priority. The United States is one of few countries with delineated human rights, and we intend to take full advantage of them. Abortion, welfare, freedom of speech... Let's fight to keep this ideas alive. Show your support for Nominee Taylor McKessie!