Howe Learning Resources

Continuous Learning Week of April 27, 2020

Parent Engagement Distance Learning for Students with Disabilities

Mrs. Morris' Math Intervention Resources

I am Donna Morris and I work with students on math skills that they are struggling with. I am sharing some websites that I use with my students. If your child sees me and you need their username and password for any of the websites listed, please feel free to email me at or message me on Facebook. I will keep an eye on students weekly progress and make adjustments or assignments as needed. Also, if you have any questions regarding math, please feel free to send those to me as well.

Behavior Central - Special Education Resources

Behavior Central is here to help Oklahoma special education teachers support their students and families. We hope we can relieve teachers of some of the preparation time needed to get parents ready to support learning at home.

Mrs. Hyde's Resources

Mrs. Wann's Speech Language Therapy Resources

Mrs. Wann's Speech Resources Week Two
Mrs. Wann's Speech Resources Week Three