Monarchy's and you

Forms of government

Monarchy's,Monarchisum,and Monarchistes

Monarchisum is a system based on the belief that political power should be concentrated in one person who rules by decree. A monarchist is an individual who supports this form of government, independent from the person, the monarch. A monarchy is a form of government in which soviolaity is actually or nominally embodied in a single individual (The monarch).

King Leopold the first

Elected founder of the hereditary ,monarchy of Belgium.

Three major examples of monarchistes in the last four hundred years

Streangths and weaknesses of a monarchy


  • A monarch has an efficient way of carrying out decisions and policies.
  • In a monarchy, there is a clear line of succession.
  • The citizens in a monarchy respect and have loyalty to the monarch and are a unifying power.
  • weaknesses

  • An absolute monarch can lead to poor decision-making since being the child of a previous monarch does not always guarantee that they will be fit to be ruler.
  • Policy is based on the monarch's own views, so it could shift dramatically from one monarch to another.
  • A constitutional monarchy involves a public agreement of the principle of hereditary privilege, which could cause major negative effects on a society.