Fishin' in the Wild

Come here have a listen, I'm gonna tell you 'bout fishin'.

Creating your rod

1. Acquire a stick, about 4 to 5 feet long. (Strong, but can bend slightly.)

2. Check the surrounding area for a strong string, or wire.

3. Tie your string around one end of the stick, cut it at a suitable length.

4. Find something to use as a bobber, you could use a small stone.

5. Carve a hook or something similar using a knife.

You now have your fishing rod!

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You're gonna need to be prepared!

Make sure you fish during the right time of day. (Dawn and Dusk)

1. Look in the dirt for things like worms, shrimp, liver, grasshoppers, or salmon eggs.

2. Find a spot where the water is nice and clean.

3. Try to acquire something to put the fish in once you catch them, like a bucket.

4. Get your fishing rod ready, as well as your hook, bait and other necessity's.

5. Tie your hook to your line.

6. Attach your bobbers.

7. Put your bait on your hook, so you will be able to attract the fish.

Catching the fish.

1. Cast out your line! A good example for beginners is do the motion for skipping stones.

2. Sit and wait, eventually you will feel a bite on your line.

(TIP : A lot of people like to slowly reel in their line, fish will think the bait is alive. )

3. When you feel a tug, pull sharply up on your rod, and reel in.

4. When the rod gets out of the water, you may be lucky enough to have caught a fish!