Ellie Begley


My leader/ role model is my mom.

The three most important roles as a leader is hardworking, respectful, and honest. My mom is a good leader because she is a cheerleading coach. She has to work hard and be respectful to all the girls and their parents. Being a coach is very difficult because you have to have a lot of patience. She continues to be a good leader not only at the gym but also at home.


"Working on your own you can become quite strong but working together we can be unstoppable." -Unknown

"If your actions inspire others to DREAM more, LEARN more, DO more, and BECOME more, you are LEADING." -Unknown

I'm a leader.

There are 3 key reasons that I'm a leader.

1.) I let others voice there opinions and consider everyone's ideas.

2.) I passionately work for my goals.

3.) I step up whenever a role is needed.