Life on Mars

Make Mars Our Future

How We Can Make The Most Out of Nothing

Join us on our journey to make Mars our new home.

Life On Mars - How Will We Do It?

If you went to Mars right now, and stepped on its surface, you would die. Why? The conditions of the planet make it inhabitable by humans. Our job is to make it so that we can live there. We will be taking two biomes from Earth and making them suitable for life on Mars.

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Mars - Our New Home

How Will Our Biomes Be Used to Sustain Human Life?

We will use the Temperate Rainforest biome for shelter, and a team of special architects will build eco-friendly and advanced homes that will allow such life. The freshwater in the Freshwater Biome will be used for similar purposes, such as hydropower and a water supply.

Life On Mars - Our Team

Our team consists of the most advanced and knowledgeable scientists to ensure success.