Brad Lambert

Foundation of Government

George Washington is one of the nations biggest influences on our government cause he set the standard for the executive branch and how presidents run today. He started out being a normal surveyor then asked to become commander for the army. Then after the revolutionary war Washington was asked to run for president. He was reluctant at first then Alexander Hamilton told him it would be dishonorable. He finally changed his mind then ran to be the first United States president. This is when he set a path for the U.S. that we have followed for over 200 years. He started many traditions that we still use today including the standard for terms the president can run. Established the first form of the presidential cabinet as having department heads, for advice. Also showing the power of the president and federal law is supreme law of the land. By stopping the Whiskey Rebellion & also maintaining neutral in the French revolution. He opened up the west for western settlement and founded the nations capital of Washington D.C. Also John Adams ran as Washington's vice president and they followed Alexander Hamilton plan to have an effective tax system to repay the nations debt. These standards that Washington set was used for years and still used today. Some of these were modified though such as when Franklin D. Roosevelt ran for three terms almost 150 years later. But now all of Washingtons ideas and solutions are set in stone.

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