Rosa Acicularis

Wild Rose

Cool facts

The Rosa Acicularis better known as the Wild Rose was adopted into the Province of Alberta, Canada in 1930 to be the official floral emblem. In Alberta, Canada you can find these Roses in late May to early August. The Rosa Acicularis are bright pink with petals of 3 to 5 cm.

The Life Cycle

In the spring many new green buds form on the steam of the Rosa Acicularis until the bloom into the pink flowers. When the Wild Rose is in full bloom the smell attracts bees and they distribute the pollen. As the flower begins to die, it turns into a small oval shaped hard seed container called a rose hip which is also called the fruit of the plant.


Some people use the rose for tea, but some of the parts you can eat are the steam, seed, flower, fruit. Some medical uses are, blood tonic, cancer, astringent and stings
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