Book Club/HS Battle of the Books

Calling all CDHS readers!

Join Book Club if you want to

  • Share what you love--and hate--about the books people can't stop talking about
  • Participate in meaningful discussions about books
  • Vote for & nominate books for teen book award lists
  • Discover & discuss books from the DCS Teen Lit Top 10

Join Battle of the Books if you're willing to

More details

  • Book Club - Will meet during school on club days, & occasionally after school
  • Battle of the Books - Will meet 1-2 times a month fall semester, & once a week spring
  • See Ms. Steed with questions or to complete an application (required)

Can't decide which club is right for you?

  • If you prefer to read what you choose and have in-depth discussions on a diverse number of interesting topics, join Book Club.
  • If you want to compete & are willing to read several books from the HSBOB list, join Battle of the Books.
  • You may join either or both - but regular attendance, reading, & participation is an expectation of both clubs!