Teen Obesity

By: Giovanni Barragan

Teen Obesity in America

Teen Obesity today, is not only affecting the teens themselves, but also the people revolving around them. For example, the parents of the children are noticing that the kids are not moving much, and are staying indoors. This can lead to depression for the parents. The parents might get sad and feel guilty to what the kids are doing. America cannot have these people, they will not be useful for physical things. Unless, they have a problem with their weight, like diabetes. Teens are the future, and the future is not looking too bright.


It is not Fair

America needs some strong people with physical backgrounds. The country does not have time for those people who just play video games and never play any sports and go outside. If you have the choice to be normal or be obese, you better not choose obese because there are people who don't have this choice and are forced to be obese. I believe it is not fair to those people because they probably wish they could be skinny and just for being obese, they get their feeling hurt. That is why you should workout and at least try to be normal.