Jefferson Davis

By: Elizabeth Fliehs

Jefferson quotes

"I worked night and day for twelve years to prevent the war, but i could not.The north was mad and blind, would not let us govern ourselves, so the war came.

Basic Information

His birthday was on June 3,11808(Fair view Ky) He on December 6,1889 New Orleans,La. He was married to varina and once or twice. He many children about 6 children . All of his three brothers fought in the war of 1812.His religion was Anglican. His home town was Fair view Kentucky.

Jefferson Davis Friends

The Wall

He was an sectary for Franklin Pierce .In 1876 he returned as a senate of the state months later he was president of the confederacy.Then he became a military commander . He was a very popular for the south. Jefferson and other members of congress were move to Richmond and before Union Jefferson was in imprison for about two years. Mississippi tried to get him to come back to U.S senate. Jefferson Davis wrote about the war time experiences.

Personal information

His main accomplishment were leader the confederacy in the civil war, U.S. Other one is unite state war secretary of the war and fight the mexican war.


He attend political events, help my wife are around the house, do handwork. My favorite movies are most likely Gods and Generals, or Gettysburg. I also like to watch the History Channel, or sometimes I just like to watch a play with the wife and children.His current address was peninsula 5th street 175