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Stories already shared by others

"My job was great. I worked one on one with mentally disabled clients. This job provided me with skills prepared to tackle any tasks, such as:
-Ability to multi-task
-Ability to exercise good judgment
-Ability to prioritize under changing circumstances
-Strong customer service orientation
-Reliability and dependability
-Ability to work – more... effectively as a member of a team
-Ability to effectively apply rules to varied circumstances " - Former CLA

"East Bay Innovations is a non-profit agency that provides high quality, dedicated, and compassionate support to adults with disabilities. As a former employee, I have seen and contributed to this work. EBI truly stands behind its vision and philosophy, and continues to bring awareness, integration, and advocacy for people with disabilities into the community. Working at EBI was a wonderful, inspiring experience, and I am proud to say that I have been a part of this organization. I made so many incredible connections with clients, co-workers, family members, and community members, many of which I continue to maintain. The support I was able to both give and receive was meaningful and powerful. East Bay Innovations is an agency that is firmly committed to improving the lives of people with disabilities, assisting clients to achieve greater independence through a variety of means. The dedicated staff has and continues to do remarkable work with clients and throughout the community. I truly cannot say enough good things about EBI and highly recommend this agency as a place to work for and work with." -Former ILS Coordinator

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