Welcome to AP Human Geography!

at North Carolina Virtual Public School

Meet the Teacher

I am Christy Blankenship and I have been teaching AP Human Geography in face-to-face and online environments since 2008. I earned a Masters of Education at Wake Forest University and my undergraduate major was in History with a minor in Music (flute) from Appalachian State U. I absolutely love learning about Human Geography topics and sharing them with my students! I've been an AP Reader for the College Board since 2011 (that means I help grade AP Human Geography Exams in June each year). When I'm not geeking out about all things geography, I'm usually playing outside with my husband and two sons in Raleigh, NC. I'm looking forward to working with you this year. Thanks for joining me here!

Navigating This Course

A few tips:

  • Our study weeks run from Wednesday to Wednesday. That means that all lessons for the week are due by the end of the day on Wednesdays (11:59pm) while the new week of lessons also opens that same Wednesday (7:00am). Students are expected to work at a pace that allows them to complete all assignments within one week. There are no daily due dates. It's up to the student to manage their time.
  • I post announcements daily in the Announcements Page. Students really should read these every day. I will include a list of what students should complete that day in order to stay on pace for the week, as well as updates about common problems & tech issues. I will also include fun geography tidbits, shout outs that brag on student successes, and even some extra credit opportunities.
  • Student grades are usually posted within 24 hours of submitting an assignment. So, come back & check your grades! Make sure that you take the time to also read your feedback in the grade book. I really do look at each assignment you submit! Then, I create a personalized comment about it in the grade book explaining why you got your grade and some suggestions for further learning or improvement.
  • Academic integrity is a big deal. Make sure that you are doing your own work. Unless the assignment directions specifically direct you to work with other students, you should assume that it is an individual assignment.
  • Get in touch with me any time you feel like you need to. That's what I'm here for!
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The Peer Tutoring Center

One service that is available for ALL students enrolled in NCVPS is the Peer Tutoring Center. It is staffed by student volunteers who are there to support students who need a little help with the online environment. You can learn more about the PTC by clicking on that block under my picture on the welcome page for your course.

To access peer tutoring services, you can log in directly to Upswing with the following information:

Services provided by the Peer Tutoring Center include all of the following:

  1. Peer Tutors--Students with strong content knowledge are available to tutor you. You can arrange to have a peer tutor by contacting me if you feel like you need some extra help with AP Human Geography concepts.
  2. Virtual Buddies--These students are dedicated, conscientious people who are good communicators and diligent in their work. They can help you get on track if you find that you are struggling to manage your time well in the online environment. They do NOT know a lot about APHG content, but they are expert online students.
  3. Writing Center--these volunteers can help you to hone your writing skills and formal written assignments for classes. They will help with grammar and style.
  4. English Language Learners--If English is not your first language, perhaps we have a student who can work with you as a translator. This service is primarily one-on-one communication with long term relationship building. Ask me today if you think you need this help.

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My Contact Information

You are encouraged to get in touch with me as soon as you feel like you need to--texting is fastest, but Canvas Inbox & email also work just fine. You can even call me during my office hours. I'm here to help you feel supported & successful this year!

Office Hours: MWF 7-9am, TTh 4-6pm