Ocean Animals And Plants

Ocean animals

Ecosystem Description

Seventy percent of Earth's surface is water. There are four oceans: the Atlantic ocean, the Pacific ocean, the Indian ocean, and the Arctic ocean. They form one global ocean. The landscape of the ocean floor is different. There are mountains, volcanoes, and trenches six miles deep.

Ocean water is always moving. Waves do not show movement. Plants and animals live in the oceans. Seagrass grows in shallow waters. Animals such as fish and shrimp and whales also live in the ocean.


A full grown giant octopus often is about 50 pounds.

There is a reddish pink octopus who lives in a reef and eats small fish.

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Tiger Shark

The tiger shark has unique skin. A tiger shark eats tuna and large fish. Tiger sharks live in the twilight zone.
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Great White Shark

The white shark is not in danger but they live in shallow water. The white shark eats sun fish and tuna.
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Ocean Plants

Fun Facts

1. The Earth's surface is 70% water. The human body is also 70% water.
2.Only 3% of all water is not salty.
3.The Pacific ocean is the biggest ocean. It is 15 times larger than the U.S.A.

Human Impact

The oceans are under threat. Pollution and waste are bad for the oceans.

Oil and sewage spills, chemicals, and metals kill all marine ecosystems. Turtles mistake plastic bags for jellyfish. Abandoned fishing nets entangle sea birds and sea mammals.

People throw garbage and sometimes animals eat it. Overharvesting killed many ocean animals, from whales to fish. The souvenir trade threatens coral reefs.

Sometimes people clean oceans. We need to come to better laws to stop ocean pollution.