Senior Research Reminders!

a.k.a. Library Hacks

Some Books Have Unbiased Facts

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Some Books Have "Opposing Viewpoints"

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The Index Is Your Friend

Beware the Bias!

BIAS is an imbalanced viewpoint. It's a prejudice either in favor of or against an issue, person, group, or position. When choosing your sources, think about these questions:

  • Which sources are biased?
  • Which sources are balanced?
  • Is bias always bad?

Citing an Essay in a Compilation

Author’s Last Name, Author’s First Name. “Title of Essay.” Title of Book: Subtitle, edited by Editor’s Name, Publishing Company, Date, Essay Pages.

Hunter, Derek. “The Death Penalty Is An Effective Punishment.” Death Penalty, edited by Noel Merino, Greenhaven Press, 2015, pp. 49-52.

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Synonyms for "Solutions"

  • Abolish
  • Seek alternative
  • Legislate
  • Prevent
  • Ratify
  • Reduce
  • Reform
  • Regulate
  • Replace
  • Resolve
  • Seek treatment
  • Take action
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S'More Helpful Text Features

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Library Fine Amnesty!

On the first day that your 12th Grade English class is in the library to use the books, you have an opportunity to return any overdue library books and have your fines waived! Not sure if you have overdue books or fines? Just ask Ms. Pickett!

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