Cam Newton

A Great Leader

From: Atlanta,GA

Born: May 11,1989


He was accused of buying a stolen laptop three days before the UF Gators won the NCA Championship. A month later all of the charges were dropped. Many people believe that he and his father made Mississippi State give them money for him to play there.


He was expelled from the University of Florida,therefore he went to Blinn Junior College where he played football and led them to the NJCAA. Later that year he was drafted to the Auburn Tigers where he won the Heisman Trophy,and the NCAA Championship. Later on,he got drafted 1st round 1st pick to the North Carolina Panthers.

5 Facts:

*After every Panthers touchdown he gives a football to a kid in the crowd

*He broke Peyton Manning's rookie record for most yards thrown in his first game

*He won Rookie Of The Year

*He has 25 rushing touchdowns

*The Panthers are 12-0