Star of David

Lily garcia

The Holocaust

Nazis killed over 11 million Jews during the holocaust. Hitler was the leader of the men. All Jews either died or were in hiding from the germens. Some were just waiting for any other country to take them in.

Definition Background information

The Star of David

Jewish people wore the star of David to show who they are and where they come from. Another word for Jews could be "Jude" in Germen and "Juif" for French. Star of David is yellow cloth in most of them.

Questions of Star of David

How did the Star of David humiliate the Jews? Made them stand out and for segregation and also discrimination. When do they take it off? They could never take it off but when they went into hiding some took it off but some didn't because its been with them their whole life. It showed people who they were and how to treat them.


Beyond Courage

"This Nazi perversion of the Jewish Star of David was a visible form of humiliation and discrimination, making it simple to identify Jews" - Doreen Rappaport

I chose this quote because it shows what the Star of David meant to other people and not just the nazis


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