Discover Freedom in Connecticut:

The Land of the Free!

Why Pick Us?

Are you looking for a new life in the untamed and exciting new world? There is no better place to settle than Connecticut. In this dangerous, unexplored world, find asylum in the accepting, truly free, and prosperous colony of Connecticut. The colony of Connecticut was settled because Thomas Hooker, our founder believes unfalteringly in the notion of religious freedom, and the ability to vote and truly contribute to our amazing colony. Imagine a society in which you can actually influence the society in which you live in! Connecticut offers this freedom. Not only can Puritans find extraordinary religious freedom, but you can find success and reinvent your old life into one of prosperity through the utilization of an interminable supply fish, fertile soil to grow every imaginable crop, whales, and beautiful white oak trees that provide lumber. The land is rich and can provide for anything you require. In 1662, King Charles II of England granted a charter for our colony that gave the colonists of Connecticut more rights than those enjoyed by any other colonists. The culmination of amazing, reliable land that provides for us, the absolute best rights you can have in any colony in the new world, amazing influence in governmental and law making matters, and endless supply of resources, and a structured government that truly incorporates the voice of the people are just a fraction of the diversified plethora of reasons why Connecticut is simply the best colony, and why you should choose to settle in this amazing place that offers endless opportunities.

Our Abundant Geography and Soothing Climates

Our diverse and rich geography provides a wide spectrum of occupations which supports our distinct economy. The land of Connecticut allows us to prosper on our economy with successful farms, shipbuilding, whaling, lumbering, fishing, and trade. Utilization of our marvelous fertile valleys and rivers sufficiently grants us countless rations by farming numerous crops and livestock. Although our climate consists of colder winters, mild summers grant an amazing stint in which we can cultivate crops in our expansive fertile valleys. Year-round opportunities exist in the oceans bordering our fertile and rich land. An interminable supply of whales and fish provide food and supplies year-round. Our geography simply makes our already amazing colony even better and the most desirable to settle.

Thomas Hooker

Founder of the Connecticut Colony

- Cornerstones of freedom

- Chartered by King Charles II


Our society is based on the fundamental ideas of freedom. The cornerstones of our colony’s growth was established with the roots of disagreement between the ideals of a prominent Puritan clergyman, Thomas Hooker, considered the founder of the Connecticut colony. Formed as a temporary government under a commission from Massachusetts, the colony of Connecticut soon grew to established the production of the first documented constitution known as the Fundamental Orders. Our noble document guaranteed the freedom to vote for all Puritan church men. Imagine a society in which you can actually influence the society in which you live in! This is Connecticut's amazing government.


Puritan religion was formed by a group of church goers who wanted to purify the English Church, which discriminated against the complicated ways of the English Church. Puritans separated from the other colonies by making New Haven. However, in 1662 King Charles II sent a charter to create a new Connecticut Colony that included New Haven. There is a legend that says that King James II sent Governor Andros to Hartford to take back the charter. The colonists stole it and put it under a giant oak tree. This would be later called the “Charter Oak.”