Genius Hour

I Am Researching About Medical Tools

Rationale (What Made Me Research This)

I wanted to research more about medical work because when I grow up I want to be a surgeon. I realized a surgeon must be interested in medical studies. So I joined the medical group to learn more about doctors,their tools,and what they do. I know I am going to have a blast with my group researching stuff about medical work!

Making Different Doctor Tools

As our group grows we are continuing to make different medical tools. One of them is a arm pressure. A arm pressure measures blood pressure. Many different doctors use this tool. Another type of doctors tool we made is a flu shot. This is used to protect your body from flu throughout the year. We also made a stethoscope. This is a very important doctor tool. This is a medical tool used for listening to the action of someones heart or breathing. There is something on the stethoscope called a earpiece. The last thing we made is a pill. A pill is a small round mass of solid medicine to be swallowed in a whole.

Making A Doctor's Guide

Our group decided to make a doctor's guide. This is a paper booklet about different doctor tools, what things they need to wear, and different medical jobs. Some of the tools we were thinking about adding to the book is stethoscope,blood pressure,flu shoots,and a eye scale. Some different things doctors need to wear is a white coat. Did you know doctors have been wearing a white coat for centuries? Another thing doctors wear is a mask. This is keeps any fluids the patient has away from the doctor. Many doctors wear are gloves. This prevents spreading germs. In "jobs" portion of our book we are going to offer some jobs like a surgeon. A surgeon is a specialist in surgery.

Our Doctor Office

Our group is making our own doctor's office. We are going to make up a name and a logo or our doctor's office. We are going to make a fake doctor's office with a shoe box and paint it. We are painting the walls brown and the floor peach. Some materials and tools we will have in the office is a computer, doctor's table, a sink, and also different doctors tools. We will advertise our doctor's office and locate it in different places around the world. This is like making a real doctor office.


Come to our doctor's office! My group is making a advertise to go along with our {Fake} doctor's office. Our advertise must include -

- What makes our doctor's office special

- Why people would want to go to our office instead of another one

- What to we provide

- What type of office are we {Hospital,Family Office,etc.}

This will be powered by screencastify or move note. Our office is called "Heart For Health." It was very hard to decide the office's name. So far this doctor office thing is a lot of world. I can't imagine what real doctor's do in real life.

What I Learned

I didn't only have fun but learned a lot about medical studies from the doctor group. For example doctor tools & things. A stethoscope,flu shots,pills,blood pressure, and a eye chart are some of them. Another thing I learned about is doctor clothing. Like a white coat and a mask. The last thing I learned was how much work it is to manage or even work at a doctor's office. I can't believe what it must be like in real life. Although many people think genius hour is just meant to create nice things,it is also a great learning experience that will prepare you for the real world. Genius Hour is turning out great so far!

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