Team Kellermeyer

Beyond Imagine

"His [God's] power at work in us can do far more than we dare ask or imagine" Eph 3:20


Woohoo! to those who had 2+ parties:

  • Corrie Crowley 2
  • Dee Rouse 2

Woohoo! to top sales in October:

  • Corrie Crowley $1,405.50 Double WOOHOO!!
  • Dee Rouse $569.50
  • Stephanie Mifflin $381.50

Woohoo! to Believe and Achieve Earners:

  • Corrie Crowley (weeks 3 & 4) Navy Lotsa Dots Document Holder & ThirtyOnebrella
  • Stephanie Mifflin (week 4) ThirtyOnebrella
  • Dee Rouse (week 5) Perfect Bottle thermal

Mark your calendar...

Get Ready...

Ready, Set, Sell Incentive will set you up for spring success with products that will be featured as monthly specials. Earning dates are November 27-December 10. Visit for all the details, and get ready to reap the rewards!

Turkey Trot

Interested in a SUPER SIMPLE way to reach Ready, Set, Sell Incentive??!!??

...Here's how:

Offer your customers and past hostesses to participate in your Turkey Trot. Here's how it works:

  1. Over Thanksgiving, she will take one of your "Turkey Trot" packets to her get-togethers. She'll share the catalog with her friends and family.
  2. She will collect at least $100 in orders. This takes only 2 or 3 average orders!
  3. All your "hostesses" will return orders to you and you divvy up hostess rewards and have drawings for exclusives and half-price orders.


Coming Up...

  • "Sizzle Calls" Do you know someone who is contemplating becoming a Thirty~One consultant? Cindy Monroe will be conducting conference calls for any potential recruits! They will need to be registered. Look for more info to be posted on TOT.
  • Fall Retirement list is now available on TOT
  • BELIEVE AND ACHIEVE BONUS WEEK: November 18-25 When you earn during this week, Thirty~One will donate a product to Operation Homefront and you will receive a random prize from weeks 1-7!
  • Outlet Sale is coming soon! You will continue to receive commission off your sales so make sure you are subscribing to your monthly newsletter.

My stats:

Why do I share this? Because I BELIEVE that you, too, can promote in your Thirty~One business!

Parties: 4

PV: $1574.00

Team Sales: $4000.50

Team Parties: 9