By Melanie


Zambia is in south central Africa. The population is 13,700,000.The capital of Zambia is Luska. Most of Zambia is trees, but Zambia is cooler than most countries in Africa.


The government in Zambia is like the United States. In Zambia they have a legislative branch. They also have a president. The political party is Multiparty Democracy. This is called a presidential-legislative democracy. The presidents name is Micheal Sata.


In Zambia there were more than 70 tribes. Six main tribes were the Bembay, the Kanody, the Luvale, the Ngoni, the Lozi, and the Tonga. Artifacts have proven the Tonga tribe lasted for at least 900 years. The Luvale tribes first chief was a woman named Kenga Naweji.

Ceremonies and Dishes

In Zambia there are over twenty annual ceremonies. For Christmas they trade gifts and wishes from December twenty fifth top January first. A specail dish they prepare is Nshima. Nshima is prepared by grinding and boiling maize and corn to make a thick paste, and then consumed with vegetables.


Most people are farmers. The leading crops are corn, sorghum, rice, peanuts, sunflower seeds, vegetables, flowers, tobacco, sugarcane, cotton, and coffee. Cattle, goats, pigs, and poultry are raised. There is a small fishing industry. Most people are very poor and can't afford three meals a day. On average, most people live till they are fifty two years old.