1984 BINGO activity


By: Ali Balbuena

Utopian Rules

1. There should be no excessive violence

2. Parents should not neglect their family

3. Male and female wages will be the same

4. Every race is treated the same

5. Everyone is accepted

6. No one should be put to death for any reason

7. You must smile at least 7 of the 7 days of the week

8. Every family lives in their own home

9. Everyone can believe in their own religions

10. No killing of any animal, including bugs and insects

11. Respect your elders

12. Look after your loved ones

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-Winston= Matthew Perry

-O'Brien= James Micheal Tyler

-Big Brother= Jerry Stiller

-Julia= Courtney Cox

-Syme= David Schwimmer

-Mrs. Parson= Lisa Kudrow

-Mr. Parson= Matt LeBlanc

-Parson kids= Thomas Brodie Sangster & Jennifer Rae Daykin

-Sandy Haired Woman= Jennifer Aniston

-Kathrine= Maggie Wheeler

-Goldstein= Jerry Seinfeild

-Some Proles= Carol Burnette, Jason Alexander, and Estelle Harris

-Some inner party members= Imelda Staunton, Angela Lansbury, Colin Furth, & Morgan . Freeman

- Telescreen lady= Emma Thompson

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Blog Post- Ideals of Freedom

In this country, people have rights and freedoms, but they also have restrictions. Life with rights and freedoms is good, but a life with no rules or laws (anarchy) would not be the best. But a life with absolutely no say in anything is not a healthy country. In the past there has been many restrictions and bad rights. (For example. Slavery & Women’s rights). I love living in America, and I cannot really imagine living in another country; Even if it was England, Italy, or Greece. Even today the rights are still not balanced. They are made, but the rights are not enforced; for example. Once slavery was abolished, segregation came into play. Now the rights have all raves have leveled out, and everyone is treated equally, for the most part. My favorite law is the first Amendment, “ Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances,” ( American Constitution ). I love my right to say anything, believe in anything or anyone, and my ability to protest. Even though we constitutionally can say anything, but we should not say some stuff for reasons. As a woman, people do not always treat woman with respect. I can get tossed around, and people will make comments directly at woman, i.e. the phrase, “like a girl” is an insult to the female species and myself as a female. If a country or civilization in which freedoms are not balanced amongst the citizens, then the people are not happy nor are they in a good community. I would not want to live in a country where the people have no say, and are dismissed in society. Eventually, that country will not succeed. Their government will crumble, and it will evaporate. I like living in my country, and I like the freedoms that are given to me.

Approx. 346 words.

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new ending part 1/ chapter 1

New Ending of Part 1, Chapter 1

… He sat back in his chair, slightly ashamed of himself, and laid down his pen. Then there was a big ruckus coming from two stories down. He was hoping it was just some children running into things and breaking stuff. He was watching his journal, then changed his view to the telescreen, who was ranting on about who-knows-what. The ruckus was getting louder. Winston heard some woman shriek, but he just sat there like a deer in headlights. He was thinking that the shriek came from directly below him. He stared down at the floor, and crouched down and put his ear on the floor. “Nothing,” he said, it was absolutely quiet. Then, a knock was heard, Winston got up off the floor. He went to his door, but then paused. “What if it’s the Thought Police,” he said to himself. He stepped back, and he heard his neighbor screaming,” Please, please just take my kids, not me!” He guessed that her kids must have reported her for some reason or another. He went to his furthermost wall, closest to her apartment, and he pressed his ear to the wall. “Nothing, it’s as quiet as a mouse,” he said to himself. He was very confused. He checked the floor again, but his eyes were staring back at the wall. There was knocking, but he couldn’t tell where it was coming from. It grew louder and louder, until…” CRASH!” The door to his apartment came down. There were five buff men at his door, and an ugly yet cunning teenage girl in front of them. His ear was still glued to the floor, and he was still watching the wall as they burst in. He thought the people were the Thought Police. He quickly got up, and he tried to say something. But nothing came out. They just stared at him. He then got the courage to speak. He said,” War is peace, Freedom is slavery, and Ignorance is strength.” They looked him up and down, and then just left without saying a word. He was so relieved they didn’t see his journal, but was confused on why they were here. But all he could think bout was Big Brother. When he was saying the stupid slogan, all he was thinking about was Down With Big Brother! …

Approx. 379 words.