How To Reuse & Recycle Paper

Emily Briggler, Anna Griffith, Tim Coney, & Austin Parker

Five Ways To Reuse & Recycle Paper

People waste way to much paper everyday because they don't think it has value. When paper is made trees are being cut down and this affects everything in the environment. Below is a list of ways to conserve and recycle paper.

1)Shred up old paper into long strips and fold it to create gift basket filling.

2)Make origami by folding scrap paper in a specific way to shape figures.

3)Paper mache pinatas can be made and decorated with used paper.

4)Tearing paper into strips and placing them around plants in a garden will create a layer that will keep soil moist and deter weeds.

5) Paper can be used to wrap up fragile objects when they are being shipped.

Ways Paper Can Be Recycled At Home Or At School

Using paper more efficiently is a good way to protect our planet. The list above isn't the only way to reuse paper. Paper can be recycled every day at home, in school, and in the office.
1) Cat litter can be expensive but paper provides a solution. Take pieces of paper, soak them in dish detergent and baking soda, and then let them dry. This will be an alternative to expensive cat litter.

2) School art projects can be messy so cover a table in newspaper and it will protect the table from the mess.

3) When printing out pages of school work print on both sides to stop the wasting of paper.