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Springfield Elementary School

Dates To Remember

  • 12th - 30th, MAP Testing
  • 26th, Go Purple for Epilepsy Awareness!
  • 30th, Weather Make up Day
  • 2nd - 6th, Spring Break

A Message From Our Principal

Dear Springfield Elementary School Families,

Warmer weather is here and is greatly welcomed! With the warmer weather brings a busy time of the school year. We held our first “Family STEAM Night” last week and are in the middle of our 4th annual “One School, One Book”. We hope that you enjoyed the STEAM event and the opportunity to read as a family during “One School, One Book”. On the horizon we have the end of the third quarter, Spring Break, many field trips, and the beginning of spring testing.

A topic that is heavy on my mind and many, many others throughout the country is school safety. The tragedy that occurred in Florida just a couple of weeks ago has been on the hearts and minds of many. Each school year, I have started the school year by visiting with grade levels and classrooms with our assistant principal to welcome students to the new school year and share the two most important jobs we have. The two most important jobs are to make sure that they are safe and that they are learning.

Safety of our students is the number one job each staff member has. Although we are not able to plan or predict for every possibility, we continually review our safety practices and procedures and strive to improve them. Students are reminded and asked not to open locked exterior doors for anyone and to report anything suspicious to a staff member. Students are asked and taught in guidance lessons to report a danger to themselves or another to a trusted adult. We aim to provide a caring and positive environment in all of our classrooms to help students feel safe to report any issues.

We review with staff members our safety procedures for emergency situations and discuss scenarios to help us be more prepared. Staff members carry radios anytime they are with students outside and are reminded to be vigilant in observing for any suspicious activity. They know to notify administration and the office if they have any questions or notice anything suspicious.

Our school currently has a resource officer that is based at Springfield Middle School with which we share a campus. Last week, our school board did approve additional security officers for our district. For Springfield Elementary School, this means we will be getting our own security officer that will be on our campus during the school day. We are expecting for this addition to occur in the next few weeks.

We practice lockdown drills each semester. We have already conducted two drills this school year. These drills involve our school resource officer and other officers from the Fort Mill Police Department. After each drill is conducted, administration meets with the officers to discuss what we feel went well and areas of improvement if there are any. We make adjustments to our plan if necessary and notify staff of the areas of strength and any changes that may need to be made.

Please know that as decisions are made in our practices and procedures of school safety, we make these decisions thinking of all our students as our own children. As a father of two elementary aged children, I also send my children off to school into the care of someone else. We will strive to make this school as safe as possible just as I want my children to be as safe in their school.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I am happy to help! Enjoy the warmer weather ahead!

Peter Olinger


SES Volunteers

We would like to begin recognizing many of our volunteers that help make our school such a wonderful place. Each month grade levels will choose a volunteer to spotlight.
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Counselor's Corner

This month’s classroom guidance lessons are on bullying, sportsmanship, and courage. The upper grades will continue learning about what bullying is, ways to stop bullies, and ways to help others with bullies. The lower grades will learn about being a good sport and showing courage in all areas of life.

Last month, students participated in two exciting career days! Kindergarten, first, and second grades learned about twelve different careers that involve fun vehicles. Third, fourth, and fifth grades learned about six STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) related careers. Our goal is to expose students to as many careers as possible so that they are able to get an idea of a career that might match their skills and interests in the future.

Notes from the Nurse

The nurses office is still in need of donations for new underwear (mostly for boys) and elastic waist pants (new or gently used) for boys and girls. Shoes are still greatly appreciated as well.

Thank you,

Nurse Moore

Late Yearbook Orders Now Being Accepted - LAST CHANCE!

This is your last chance to purchase a 2017-2018 yearbook. We will not have extras to sell in May as we have in years past. Click here to order.

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SIC Survey Results

Thank you to those who were able to participate in our School Improvement Council Survey. These results will be used to help determine ways we can continually improve our school. Below are the results from the survey sent out in January.

Question: My child’s teacher has created a positive environment in the classroom for all children to learn.


  • 88.3% Strongly Agree/Agree

  • 6.4% Strongly Disagree/Disagree

  • 5.2% Neutral

Question: The amount of homework my child receives is appropriate.


  • 83.2% Strongly Agree/Agree

  • 16.8% Strongly Disagree/Disagree

Question: I receive efficient and effective communications from my child’s teacher.


  • 90.3% Strongly Agree/Agree

  • 9.7% Strongly Disagree/Disagree

Question: I receive efficient and effective communication from Springfield Elementary on school wide events and programs.


  • 94.2% Strongly Agree/Agree

  • 5.8% Strongly Disagree/Disagree

Question: Springfield Elementary is making progress and adding value to my child’s education.


  • 94.2% Strongly Agree/Agree

  • 5.8% Strongly Disagree/Disagree

Question: School administration is available and welcoming.


  • 96.2% Strongly Agree/Agree

  • 3.9% Strongly Disagree/Disagree

Question: Springfield Elementary promotes an overall positive climate.


  • 96.1% Strongly Agree/Agree

  • 3.9% Strongly Disagree/Disagree

Related Arts Messages

Media Messages:

It’s time to MARCH into READING!! ~ the perfect time to ‘SPRING’ into a book!

The library continues to collect the following: old or new greeting cards (for bookmarks), starburst candy, 24 piece puzzles, 100 piece puzzles, old and new books (paperback or hardback). Thanks for your continued support!


Did you know that it takes 400 hours of practice to keyboard proficiently? Please have your third through fifth grade students practice at home. The school district has provided Typing Agent for all students. It is a web based program that tracks their progress. They should know their login information the link for the program is https://fortmill.typingagent.com/ This skill is very beneficial for their future, both academically and career wise.

Fifth graders are working on 3D Printer projects. Fourth is finishing Brainpop Movies. Third is learning about Internet Researching. Second is starting research. First is working on keyboarding one of their writing pieces. Kindergarten is learning the beginning stages of keyboarding.

PTA Information

The PTA would like to remind the Springfield Elementary School Community that Teacher and Staff Appreciation week will be May 7 - 11 this year. Be on the lookout for information from your room parent regarding details, including information on collecting gift cards.

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