Medlin Math Department Meeting

What is your passion profile?

Thursday, September 10th, 7:45 - 8:35

Carter's Room (A213)


1. A powerful emotion, such as love, joy, hatred, or anger. 2. Ardent love. 3. Boundless enthusiasm.

What to do for our upcoming meeting...

Please read the handout "Passion Profiles" that I have placed in your mailbox before coming to our meeting on Thursday. As you read through the different profiles, try to identify the one profile that seems the most significant to you.

This will be our last meeting for awhile, with an activity getting to know each other and what we are all about.


We will start at 7:45 and end at 8:35 with the "Passion Profile Activity"
  • Opening (5 min)
  • Share out (10 min)
  • Solo time/ Reflection (5 min)
  • Group Discussion (15 min)
  • Whole Group Debrief (15 min)

Our Last Meeting

Right before school started, we had a productive meeting setting up our norms and learning about what we all want from our department meetings. Here is look back of who we are and what we expect out of each meeting. Please review below and keep each other and our desires in mind throughout the year!

"One thing you all should know about me is..."

This activity was to give us insight of who we are.

"One thing you all should know about me is..."
  • "... I like to use my time efficiently."
  • "... I like things organized."
  • "... it takes time for me to process."
  • "... that I will do the research and I am very resilient."
  • "... I am hesitant to change." "Give me time to process the new idea."
  • "... I'm not the most organized but I'm constantly working on to improve."
  • "... I will not do your work for you." "We are a team."
  • "... I take extra time b/c I need to write neat, etc.
  • "... I'm unorganized."
  • "... I am methodical so please give me a little extra time to think."

"It burns my butt when..."

This activity was for us to hear what bothers us all in meetings.

"It burns my butt when...."
  • "... people talk over the presenter."
  • "... I'm working and others are not."
  • "... people in the group are off task."
  • "... people interrupt you when your trying to give your opinion or ideas."
  • "... meetings are derailed by a comment and gets the whole meeting off task."
  • "... professionals feel their opinion more valuable than others, cut you off, or dismiss you."
  • "... a loud voice sucks up air time."
  • "... others get passionate and want it all one way."
  • "... someone is presenting and others are talking."
  • "... time is wasted w/ redundant conversations happen w/o problem solving."

Our Department Norms

The final activity was to set our norms for each meeting.

  • Have meeting times set with agenda prior to meeting.
  • Start on time!
  • Be Prepared
  • Be open minded and look to have a growth mind set.
  • Respect each others time and the purpose of the meeting.
  • Respect others opinions and allow one person to talk at a time.
  • Stay focused! Keep on topic/task at hand. Stick to the agenda.
  • Keep side-bar conversations to minimum.
  • Summary of meeting sent out.
  • Work as a team!

What's Next!

In two week at our next meeting (9/17), we will look at examples of what we are all doing with journals, binders, notes, etc..
Be prepared to bring student examples. (low, mid, high)
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