Willemstad Times

By.Jen Barragan


On April 6, 1942, a boy name Phillip and his mother were travilling back home from Willemstad and heading back home to the United States. While travling to the United States they were torpedoed by the Germans.

WT: Phillip How Did You Survie On The Cay So Long?

PHILLIP: Well it was very tough at times I felt like nobody would ever find me and I would just die on the Cay just like TimothY did.

WT: Were You Ever Scared At Times?

PHILLIP: Yes I was the long dark nights I spent alone with stew cat the storms I had to survie alone all those nights and days thinking if I would ever get rescued.

WT: Wow I bet it was very difficult staying out there for so long.

PHILLIP: You bet it was.

WT: So how did you know you were going to get rescueded?

PHILLIP: Well it was just a normal day like any other just walking around the cay and thenm i happended to hear sirens and I could see smoke.

WT: What was going through your head?

PHILLIP: A lot was going through my head I remeber thinking to my self that I was finally going to get rescuded but why would people like to come to this devils cay?

WT: I know I would hate to be stranded.

PHILLIP: I just could not beilieve that i fianlly got rescueded it was just incredible.

WT: I bet it was so how did you last on the cay for so many months?

PHILLIP: Well i wouldn't have done it without Timothy showing me how to survive on the cay when ever it was time for him to leave I was really scared at first and thought to my self I'll never loose Timothy and as I got more mature I realized that when that one day came that he would leave me and stew cat alone I would need to learn how to make shelter and make food to survive.

WT: Incredible so Timothy helped you a lot ?

PHILLIP: He sure did!

WT: How did you feel when you got too see your parents again?

PHILLIP: It was amazing I could finally be home again with my family and not have to worry about when was i going too run out of water or food to survive it took a whole lot of weight of my back!

WT: Amazing ! I bet that was great!!!

PHILLIP: Yes it was!

WT: Well Phillip were glad to know that your okay.

PHILLIP: Thank you I really appreciate it!



Timothy was an old loving man he was one of the nicest person you would ever know he was never mean to anybody. He always saw people the same no matter what skin color they were. His additude was amazing he was always respectful and caring. He was raised in the Virgin Island's and worked for the rest of his life sence he was born. He later died on an deadly cay and passed away from exhaustion.




On the day of August 17 1942, Europe was hit by all the American bombing raids. It destroyed many Europeans's. Also it allowed the Americans to see how well there plan was set up when they would go to war against the European's. The attack not only marked the USAAF heavy bombers into the war it caused on August 17, 1942, but it also made the Europe which made them more mad. Amd caused the big war.