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October 12th , 2015

Shout Outs!

Shout out to our Battle of the Book Coaches - Vicki Miller, Hannah DeArmond, Misty DeMoss, Bob Bess, and Jennie Bridger - for making BOB tryouts super fun with the use of Plickers!

Shout out to our Spirit Committee - Lynn Gross, LaRae Earley, Jennifer Dye, and Mark Georges - for coming up with some exciting plans for this semester.

Shout out to our FAB team - Mark Georges, Jara Downs, Lisa Hankins, Misty Curry, and Jennie Bridger - for brainstorming a solution for our first "issue."

Shout out to all teachers that participated in peer observations on Wednesday. Thank you for stepping out of your box and welcoming co-workers in your classroom. And vice-versa, keeping an open mind and learning something new when visiting.

BrightBytes Technology Usage Survery

Birdville ISD has partnered with Clarity BrightBytes to survey students, parents, and campus staff on the impact of technology use both inside and outside the classroom. The results of the survey will help BISD develop appropriate digital learning opportunities to best serve the needs of all students. The District is also committed to providing appropriate digital resources, at the right cost, in order to maximize the use of existing technology. BrightBytes is a web-based, research-driven tool that will assist BISD evaluate the current digital learning approaches and technologies available to our students.

In addition to being a staff member, if you have a student on this or another campus in BISD, please go to the appropriate campus website to take the staff survey.

Click here to take the survey. The survey will open tomorrow, the 12th, and close the 23rd. 100% staff participation is the goal!

Mrs. Dotson will administer the student survey during computer lab for 3rd - 5th graders.

Super Easy Way for Students to Reflect on their Work

  1. Student finishes work product
  2. Takes a pic of their product
  3. Student records himself explaining his/her assignment.

Example of Student Hager using the Show Me APP



1. Quick recording of how to add, subtract, blend sounds etc.

2. Save and upload to class webpage

3. Or have students needing review watch it in class.

4. Show Me also lets teachers use quick tutorial videos created by other teachers

Example of Teacher Happy using Show Me App

Did you know our passwords were changing?

Mandatory Password Change -Thursday, Oct. 15 2015

If you are creating a new password, or resetting your current one, it must contain the following:

Minimum Password Length: 8 Characters

Password CANNOT Contain:

  • The user's account name
  • Any parts of the user's full name that exceed two consecutive characters

Password MUST Contain: Characters from three of the following four categories:

  • English uppercase characters (A through Z)
  • English lowercase characters (a through z)
  • Base 10 digits (0 through 9)
  • Non-alphabetic characters (for example, !, $, #, %)

Password History: Cannot be the same as your previous 5 passwords


Upcoming Events

Monday October 12 -Flex Day

Tuesday October 13 Yellow -College Shirt Day, AWARDS ceremonies, Dyslexia Parent Information Night

Wednesday October 14 Green -AWARD Ceremonies, Kinder Petco Field Trip (BunchDemoss), LOL afterschool

Thursday October 15 Blue- Good News Club after school, Play It Safe

Friday October 16 Purple Play It Safe, PTA Panda Express NIght (PTA gets a percentage of sales for students that take PTA flyer between 6-8 pm)

Brittany's Corner

Well, let me dry my eyes after reading Jeff's post... He's so right, though. I am so thankful for such a compassionate, loving group of staff members.

I have been reading a book called Mindset which focuses on having growth mindset. Just some background knowledge ---> In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work.

I have been hearing some buzz in the hallways about being stressed out and, perhaps, overwhelmed with the changes in curriculum this year and all of the trainings occurring this month. I want to encourage you to check out my quotes below as you are faced with these feelings. I have been focusing on these myself. Having this kind of mindset is not always easy, but it's something I strive to do.

Also, I get it. I know it's challenging right now, I really know. However, have you thought about how it will benefit your students and yourself in the end? Just a little something that has been on my mind lately...

As always, I appreciate you and the amount of work you put in to help your students be successful learners. Please let me know if I can ever help!

Thanks for reading. :-)

Jeff's Corner... Thanksgiving isn't just for November...

May I ramble for a few moments? Thanks for humoring me.

Whenever there are student holidays I ask many children what they plan to do. The most common responses are "stay up late; play games; sleep late" or "Nothing, really." Many will tell me they would really rather be at school.

When I ask "why?" this is what I typically hear--- "I miss my friends; I miss my teacher; It's boring at home." Another reason came from a 5th grade girl who told me she didn't like weekends much; especially the long ones. "Why?" I asked. "Because I only get to eat breakfast and lunch on school days."

Look at the faces in your class. In Texas, one in four children struggle regularly with food insecurity. That's almost 2 million statewide.

As our children return to us on Tuesday, they return to a special different family. They come to learn, to feel safe, to be with friends; school plays such an extremely important part of seeing that their emotional and physical needs are met.

Thanks for making each day a Thanksgiving for our children.

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