Cleopatra, Last pharaoh of Egypt

By Alice


Cleopatra is one of the best known Pharaohs of Egypt in all the world. She is famous for having a strong bond with Rome's biggest political and war leaders and for being the last pharaoh of Egypt

When did she rule?

Cleopatra ruled between 51-30 BC. She came to power at the age of 17. Cleopatra was Macedonian, But she was still seen as a God by the Egyptian people as every other Pharaoh had been.

Which part of Egypt did she rule?

"During the time Cleopatra ruled, Egypt was not split in half as before. Therefore she ruled the whole of Egypt, both upper and lower." Our leading Egypt lover, Natasha states.

Her significant achievments

At the time when Pompey had fled from battle against Julius Caesar, Cleopatra arranged for herself to be rolled up in a carpet delivered to Caesar. When Cleopatra popped out of the carpet with a florish, Caesar was immedietly taken and Rome and Egypt kindled a strong bond.

Cleopatra used Caesar after he was captivated with her to defeat and vanquish her fellow co-ruler her brother, Ptolemy XIII. Of course Caesar not only defeated but killed him, meaning Cleopatra was ruling herself, but Ceasar had a say in what goes and what doesn't.

Cleoptra went to war with her then boyfriend and father of her twins, Mark Antony.

How old did she live to?

She lived to 39 year of age, the age we still consider young!

Why is she famous today?

Cleopatra is famous because of what she did to save her country from the grasps of the Roman Empire. She had Caesar and Mark Antony all trying to use her into taking Egypt for themselves but she held on and lived on to be the Last Pharaoh of Egypt.

Where was she buried?

Egyptologist are still trying to find the tomb of Mark Antony and Cleopatra. Archeologists are believed to have found the site they believe to be the tomb. It is somewhere inAlexandria, Egypt. In 2009 they started digging down in the spot but there is still no sight. They have found coins of Cleopatra and Mark Antony but no actual tomb yet. Cleoptra and Mark Antony's twins where taken back to ROme and raised as Roman citizens

How she died

Cleopatra died of an Asp bite. An asp is a type of of deadly snake. She apparently fled from the battle that herself and Mark Antony where losing and went to her tomb, got the asp and let it bite into her wrist, while slowly dying of Venom.