By: Adam Kierzek

Who was Rasputin?

Grigori Rasputin was a Russian peasant, who was known to be a mystical healer. Rasputin was born to Anna Rasputina and Efim Rasputin on January 21, 1869. He received little schooling and probably never learned to read or write. In his early years, some people of his village said he possessed supernatural powers, and were terrified of him because of this trait.

Nicholas II

In 1903, Rasputin arrived in St. Petersburg. Shortly after he met the Russian Czar Nicholas ll and his wife Alexandra Feodorovna. During this time, they were trying to find help for their sick son, Alexis. Rasputin supposedly "healed" the sickly boy. This action won the support of Alexandra.

Between 1906 and 1914, politicians and journalists used this encounter with the royal family to wear away the dynasty’s credibility and push for reform. Rasputin helped their efforts by claiming to be the Czarina’s advisor, but this behavior enraged the press, and the state officials. Truthfully, at this time, Rasputin's influence was limited to the health of Alexis.

World War 1

As Russia entered World War I, Nicholas II took command of the Russian Army in 1915, and Alexandra took responsibility of the country. During this time, many people criticized Rasputin for being a "mad monk". Government officials tried to warn her of Rasputin's powers, but she continued to defend him, giving the impression that Rasputin was her closest advisor.

Rasputin's Death

On the night of December 29, 1916, Prince Felix, invited Rasputin to his palace for dinner. Little did Rasputin know, Prince Felix hated Rasputin for trying to steal his wife. So the Prince fed him wine and cakes filled with cyanide. Enough to kill 5 men.But the poison seemed to have no effect on him. Confused, The Prince and some of his friends led Rasputin to the basement where they shot him multiple times. He was then wrapped in a carpet and thrown into the Neva River, where it was discovered three days later.

They found that shortly before his death, he wrote to Nicholas, saying that if he were killed by government officials, the entire imperial family would be killed by the Russian people. This came true 15 months later, when the czar, his wife and all of their children were murdered by assassins involved with the Russian Revolution.

My Reaction

I really enjoyed researching and learning about this interesting man. If it were my choice I would create a recent movie about him because of how powerful and mysterious he was. This man was one of my favorite to research and I'm glad that I researched this topic. I believe that other people should research this topic because it is very important to know the past of other countries and how they were affected by certain people.

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