The Aquatic Worm: Oligochaeta

What I found in West End Pond

What is an Aquatic Worm???

Aquatic worms are the close relative of the earthworm aside from the fact that the aquatic worm lives in water and the earthworm lives in the earth's dirt.

Aquatic Worms:

-Can grow up to 5 centimeters long and are 1 millimeter wide.

-Are very common in water.

-If seen through a microscope, you can see the aquatic worm's organs like the intestines.

-Are hermaphrodites, which means they are neither male or female.

-Are able to mate and both partners can lay the eggs. (NEAT!)

-Help break down pollutants in the mud at the bottom of the water source.

-May be the host of a dangerous parasite known as The Big Red Worm.

-The life span of an aquatic worm is about 1 to 2 years.

-Like other worms, can regenerate body segments that are either damaged or lost.

How did I know it was an aquatic worm?

I started to eliminate the obvious. It had no legs, I was actually able to see through it, it was pointed at both ends. I then went to Google to find out more about this aquatic worm. At I found out a lot of information on this neat (but nasty) creature.

Brought to you by: Jozzie Doehrmann