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April 6-April 17, 2016

Coach's Corner

I was fortunate to attend the What Great Educators Do Differently Conference this past Friday and Saturday with Ms. Sokulski, Ms. Melton, and Ms. Callejas. It was a great conference that motivated me in many ways. One speaker, Todd Nesloney, (follow him on Twitter @TechNinjaTodd) literally moved the audience to tears as he shared why kids deserve the best we have to give every day-not sometimes, not when we are "caught up", not when we are well-rested. All. The. Time. In one of his blogs, he was joking about having a sign that had a countdown to summer vacation. He posted this quote:
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How true is that? We work so hard preaching growth mindset to our students but how often do we do it ourselves?? To him this quote was a CALL TO ACTION. When he spoke about this Saturday, it was for me, too. Let's turn around the countdown to summer and make it a COUNTDOWN TO MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

___ days to make a difference.

___ days to share this adventure.

___ days to make an impact.

___ days to grow together.

___ days to make lasting memories.

___ days to see your smiling faces every day.

I hope that you join with me and look at these last few months in a different way. What will YOU write on your whiteboard this morning? Come by and see mine!

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SIOP and Behavior Goal Updates for QUARTER 3


As we have visited all classrooms for a SIOP Walkthrough this past quarter, the results are definitely showing great things!! We have seen consistent implementation of SIOP strategies across grade levels and across content. In the peer observation instructional rounds, you reported seeing 100% of teachers at a level 2 or higher in 2/4 features from the SIOP component of interaction!

For the feature of "frequent opportunities for interaction":

62% scored a 4

36% scored a 3

2% scored a 2

For the feature of "wait time":

71% scored a 4

29% scored a 3


The content team and administrators did a round of SOP walk throughs also and these showed 78% of teachers scoring proficient in 4/5 SIOP components!! Surprisingly, interaction is the area we scored lowest in but have been working on the most. Through our debriefing, we determined the time we visit the classroom may not lend itself to students interacting-especially if it is during independent work time. We are going to work on creating a spreadsheet that will allow us to score features as "NA" when it applies. We have gotten very positive feedback from the SLE department from their visits sharing the growth they see in the implementation of SIOP components.


Our goal for Quarter 3 in the area of behavior was to have 50% of teachers score proficient in the area of Ratio of Interactions. Your peer observations showed 89% of teachers scored developing or higher!! We had 63% of teachers score proficient or higher and 52% score advanced. Wonderful work!! However, when we look at our overall progress towards our ANNUAL goal (75% of teachers will be proficient in 2 out of 5 Safe and Civil Schools Behavior Benchmarks.), we will be 12% short on our goal. So, in order to meet that goal, we will be giving additional support to the teachers who scored below proficient in either benchmark of Time on Task or Ratio of Interactions. Then, we will conduct an additional walk through on those teachers only to record their growth.

Your efforts are paying off! Keep it up!

Kindergarten Round Up was a HUGE Success!

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Great Time at Family Fitness Night!! Great job Mr. Graf and the Wellness Committee!

Come out and support PLAYWORKS!

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Grading Expectations


This is just a reminder to make sure that you are following the district’s grading policy consistently throughout the year. Please review the Campus Staff Handbook on the district’s website to review the district’s grading guidelines for elementary campuses. Also, please make sure that you are inputting grades as required on a weekly basis as well as by the grading periods outlined by the district. The next progress report will go home on April 14th and all grades are due in ESP by April 11th by 4 p.m. We need everyone’s support in this matter and 100% compliance for the campus. If you have questions regarding the grading expectations, please touch base with your Team Lead or supervising administrator.

Baby Bulldogs-Filling our hearts with joy! They showed me their "pack-packs". They are ready!

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Way to go Marathon Kids!!!

A Message from Coach Gipson:

Congratulations to Best Elementary students for completing phase two of Marathon Kids. I am very much aware of how hard it is to cover such a long distance for little people lol but our kids have really embraced the challenge of working hard to complete this goal. As their reward students will receive one pair of Nike shoe laces donated by Marathon Kids. I hope this continues to motivate students to adapt to regular everyday fitness which will promote a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks for all you do!

Tech Integration in 2nd Grade with Word Study

Tech Integration


Here are the standings after another week! Keep up the GREAT work!

Elizabeth Ross down 5.03%

Rosa Moreno down 2.2%

Carla Pugal down .98%

Lisa Cirella down .68%

I have to be honest. I think I misunderstood the intent of the competition but I am a real LOSER---am the only person who GAINS weight competing in a weight loss challenge? But...I will do better.

Mark Your Calendars

4/11 3:45 STAAR Training


4/12 STAAR Make-Up Training

4/13 8:30 VIPS Appreciation Breakfast

4/13 3:45 ABC Meeting

4/13 3:45 Hospitality Committee Meeting

4/13 5:00 Last Library Night

4/15 7:15 Team Leader Meeting

4/15 11:25 Pre-K Webinar

4/15 1:00 CHAMPIONS meeting

4/16 8:00-11:30 Playworks Walk for Recess

4/19 8:45 4th Grade to visit Klentzman

4/20-4/21 RTI end of year meetings

4/21 5:00-7:00 Summer School Registration

4/21 7:00 Teacher of the Year Ceremony at Taylor High School-Come and Celebrate Ms. Camperos!

May we ALL be as happy as Tim to come to work every day!

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Thank you, Ginger!

Ginger Carlton, from the Attendace Department, donated a load of stuffed animals that we added to the Bulldog Store. We know each critter will find new happy homes. Thanks , Ginger for thinking of us!