The Rainforest Biome

by Connor

What is it like there


The Rainforest has seasons and precipitation and those are spring, summer, rain, fall. temperature is 80-100%. The rainforest is a home for many animals because of its heathy leaves


The rainforest is in many places there is Rainforest in every Continent exseped Australia. it is bumpy, grassy, wet and not really moist and it is cold warm and HOT.

Where are they located?

Where in the world?

Did you Know that theres a rainforest in every content besides Australia? their is a rainforest in... Canada

. Brazil

. Indonesia

. New guinea .singapore .brunei .philippines. And much more!


How do plants survive?

Some of the plants in the Rainforest have adaptations for survive. The Picture plant has a fragrence that atracks bugs that can smell it and the Picture plant eats it. Lianas have a strong wooden vine that reaches to the canapea and survives by the warm sun. last but not least the Strangler plant kills trees not on purpes it kills the tree because it needs to survive by getting its water and its moist soil.

Animal Life

How do animals survive?

A lot of the animals in the rainforest have a lot of thing in commen. Like how they survive! animals like... Tree vole, racoons, toucans ,flying squarls, owl, Eagle, fishers, humming birds. they all survive by the climate. and the natral resorces. and their suroundings. and the food they eat to survive. lastly the warmth they get ! :)

Food Chains