E-Portfolio investigate

My technology design cycle report

Problem identify

The problem is that students uses lots of paper and they lots of student throw it or lost it. By that situation they cannot acess on there school work. If we use e-portfolio its easier to sharing our work/ increases, and also its easy to show our progress.

Design brief

Your task is to investigate porfolio and e-portfolio and design plan and creat your own e-porfolio. To showcase your academic work and demonstrate your progress over the year. Evaluate the effectiveness of this product.

Research: portfolios and e-portfolios

Who uses them and why?
-A reflective learner, a self learner, or a cooperative learner and student and ect. uses e-portfolio. The reason they are using is that ePortfolios can provide a means for assessment based on evidence of an individual’s growth over time and effort- not a list of test scores and also valuating the learner’s work using a variety of artifacts - graphics, pictures, multimedia, stories, journals, or projects - provides a view into the individual’s mind and capabilities as well as the teaching and learning environment.

Different types of e-portfolio

  • Developmental Portfolio:

    check the improvement and development of student skills over a period of time. They support Personal Development Planning.

  • Assessment Portfolios: Demonstrate student competence and skill for well-defined areas. Purpose is to evaluate student competency as defined by program standards and/or outcomes. Student publishes his/her work and educators as well as peers can leave their feedback.

  • Showcase Portfolios: demonstrate exemplary work and student skills. Students typically show this portfolio to potential employers or to peers or educators. It can be one's CV for example.

  • Hybrids: It contains of all three types. Most widely used today.

    For users to effectively use an ePortfolio it is of great importance to select the system which will support ePortfolio features according to their specific needs. Therefore we have developed a questionnaire which will enable organizations to evaluate ePortfolio systems, make comparison between two or more systems or to choose their future ePortfolio system according to user requirements.

Definition of E-Portfolio


E-portfolios have the potential to enhance teaching, learning, and assessment practices. They can also support

• student advisement and career preparation,
• sharing of teaching idea and practices,
• department and program self-studies, and
• intitute and program assignment processes.

This report defines and categorizes e-portfolios, offers examples of higher education e-portfolio implementations that illustrate current practice and future potential, and reviews e-portfolio technology, including adoption issues and challenges.

Student e-portfolio

This site is one of the example of the student e-porfolio

Design specification

The product i create must:
  • Be free
  • must be asssesable in a variety of electronics (laptops, smartphones, ipad etc)
  • Be able to store work produced in all classes (art work, video, music)
  • Contain section/pages for all myp subjects. (MIA C&S)
  • Have a homepage with good name /URL, your name and somethings about yourself, photo of you, links to these pages ( All classes, C&S and MIA)

Testing methods

I will test my product on wednesday on 18th september during class to check my product. I will use the survey that i created on kwiksurveys.

The testing group will be treated by : avril joyce emily haroon ty max

This test is linked to the design specification.

Is the product exceptable?