The Odyssey/ Hero's Journey

by Allyson Reeves

A Hero of Legendary Proportions

Odysseys was very well known in the ancient times.

Superhuman Strength

Odysseus used his superhuman strength a lot including his fight with the suitors.

Multiple Settings

Odysseus traveled many different place on his journey.

Involvement of the Supernatural

There were many gods in the Odyssey including Zeus and Athena.

Epic Style of Writing

Homer had many styles of writing. In the Odyssey there was epic similes, and differnt metaphors.

Omniscient Narrator

Homer is the narrator of the Odyssey

Hero's Journey

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Call to Adventure

Odysseus' call to adventure was the Trojan War.

Supernatural Aid

Athena, Poseidon, and Zeus helped Odysseus with his journey


The first threshold was the Trojan War. The second threshold was when Poseidon made a big storm come upon Odysseus when he was headed home for the Trojan War.


Athena helps Odysseus battle the waves that was sent to him after he made the gods mad.


When Odysseus got back to Ithaca he was finally able to be back home with his wife and son.


Odysseus returned to Ithaca and was able to be the ruler again with his wife, Penelope and his son, Telemachus.

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