Eastwood Elementary Update

September, 2022

And here we go.......

The year is up and running. Thank you to the families and staff for helping get the year off to a great start!! The excitement from Open House really was amazing to see and experience. We are very fortunate that this community puts their children's education as a priority and it shows when we have events like Open House, music programs, or parent conferences. Thank you for your commitment to your child's future!!!

Morning Drop Off

Just a reminder that students are allowed to go to the classrooms at 8:35. We hold the students in the main hallway until that time. Please try to arrive around that time so that they don't have to sit in the hallway for long.

Entrance to the Building and Raptor system

With having had two weeks to get some routines in place for our students, we are asking that parents walk their children no further than the main entrance of the building. We will have adults and safety patrol students willing to help your child if they are unsure, but would really appreciate you stopping at the entrance.

If you need to walk your child to the room, you will need to have your driver's license on you and will need to see our secretaries. We use a system called Raptor to scan your license for any threat and also to create a badge for you to wear while in the building.

We are not trying to inconvenience you but we also need to make sure we are trying to keep everyone in the building safe.

Any questions, please contact Joe Wank.

Safety Drills

As we begin the year, we need to remind everyone to talk to their children about safety drills. It is important to practice drills so that we have an idea of what to do. We will do fire, tornado, lockdown/intruder, and rapid release where we have a reunification site for everyone to meet at.

We take these drills seriously but also don't want our students to be afraid or anxious about coming to school. If you can discuss these with the students, especially lockdown/intruder and the reunification ones, that is helpful. We do discuss them with the students at a level appropriate for the age group, but help from you would be greatly appreciated.

Breakfast and Lunch

Just a reminder that breakfast and lunch do have a cost now. Students have different payment options that they can use. I have included a menu for you and it has information on cost of both breakfast and lunch and for reduced lunches. The form can be downloaded from Finalforms or if you call, we can send a copy home.

Free and Reduced Lunch Applications available on FinalForms and eastwoodschools.org

Menu is subject to change.

Student Lunch Price for Grades K-5 is $3.25. Reduced Price is $ .40

DAILY OPTIONS: Chicken patty, PBJ pocket, and Chef Salad.

Food Service Director: Karen Brown 419-833-6411 Ext 107 kbrown@eastwoodschools.org

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From Mrs. Asmus, the school guidance counselor

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Kindergarten News

The Class of 2035 is off to a FANTASTIC start! Our newest EAGLES are making new friends and learning all the routines of Eastwood Elementary School. Kindergarten jumped right into learning, but recess and lunch are our favorites! We are looking forward to BIG things from this group!
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First Grade Information

First Graders 'Rocked' the First Few Days of School! We have been doing activities that are helping us to meet new friends, become comfortable with our classroom routine, and remember the classroom and school rules!
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Second Grade News

Second graders are off to a great start! We have been learning about teamwork and working together through team building and STEM challenges. We made volcanoes and had to “Save Fred” by sharing responsibilities. We also learned that our words are like toothpaste, once they are squeezed out we can’t ever squeeze them all back in. Second graders are learning about how to be great Eagle Way leaders.

Fourth Grade News

The students were working in small groups where each had a different job, but they needed to work together to recreate a tower I built in the hallway. They needed to communicate what they saw, what materials were needed, and then how to use those materials to recreate the tower as part of our "Great Tower Challenge.

Music Information

We are very excited to share what we do in music class through programs for 1st - 4th-grade students this year. Please mark your calendars now and be assured that more specific details will be communicated with you as the performance date for your child gets closer. Every student will be given a specific role/responsibility to make our evening a success. We look forward to bringing all of the classes of a grade together for these musical celebrations. See you there!

3rd grade - Thursday, December 15th - 7 pm Eastwood H.S. Auditorium

2nd grade - Thursday, February 9th - 7 pm Eastwood H.S. Auditorium

1st grade - Thursday, March 23rd - 7 pm Eastwood H.S. Auditorium

4th grade - Thursday, May 4th (time to be announced as we will be dividing the 4th grade into 2 groups performing at different times the same evening) Eastwood Elementary gym

We are working on our kindergarten program, more to come on that one.

Thank you for your support!

Mrs. Walters, Music teacher

From Mrs. Hummel's room

Fun Food Friday with Mrs. Hummel’s Class

Mason’s PBJM sandwiches

  • 2 slices of bread

  • Peanut Butter

  • Jelly

  • Marshmallow Fluff

Directions: Spread peanut butter, jelly, marshmallow fluff on to slices of bread and put together two pieces of bread to make a sandwich.

Important Dates to Remember


13th- 2-hour delay

19th- Board meeting at 6:00

22nd- Picture Day


3rd- Waiver Day- No School

17th- BOE meeting at 6:00

20th- 2-hour delay

28th-End of 1st quarter- 47 days