Stephanie Higgins

Educator and Singer

Who Am I?

I am a person of many passions, including music, my family, my friends, singing, acting, and chocolate. I love meeting new people and learning new things. I tend to be a little hard on myself sometimes, but it's nothing that can't be solved with some insight and chocolate. Pink is my favorite color. I am very interested in studying abroad while I'm in college. I am thrilled to be a part of Baldwin Wallace's Conservatory of Music, and am excited to embark on this new adventure as a Music Education Major! Did I mention I like chocolate?



Great Experiences

One of my favorite experiences was tap dancing on the Benedum Stage in downtown Pittsburgh with my high school's cast of "No, No, Nanette." When we started the show, we knew nothing about it, and were thinking it would flop. We ended up taking home five Gene Kelly Awards for Excellence in Musical Theater, including Best Ensemble, Best Choreography, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, and my own for Best Supporting Actress! We felt such a sense of community that year. Our school was usually an under dog in these awards. Here was proof that hard work pays off!

I included a video of another number from the show because my character sings in a jazz style, and jazz music is something I would like to test out in the years to come!

The next year, we were nominated again, and I was nominated for Best Actress for the role of Eliza Doolittle in "My Fair Lady." The nominees got to perform a Medley of our songs. My school got to perform as well! Even though we didn't win, it was another amazing night as a cast and family.

Making it into the Junior Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh made a great impact on my musicianship as a singer. The best part was my senior concert happened to be the 25th Anniversary of the choir. Twenty five years of alumni joined us for the last song. It was such an uplifting experience to be singing next to the people I aspired to be like some day. Included is a song we sang in that final concert in the Omni William Penn Hotel.

Gene Kelly Awards 2011North Hills High School
Matt Augustyniak and Stephanie Higgins- You Can Dance With Any Girl At All
Best Actresses, Kelly Awards 2012

Best Place Ever

Family Vacation to Lake of the Ozarks in Kansas City, Missouri. We went tubing. jet skiing, water skiing, and cliff diving (except I sorta just jumped off). I love the water!
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As a vocalist, I enjoy singing jazz, Musical Theater, and classical music (particularly French and Italian). But if you looked at my iPod, you probably wouldn't be able to pinpoint what genre of music I like. A mix of 40's, 80's, 90's, classical, Celtic, pop, country, alternative, and Irish music can be found there (no rap or screamo for me please). I am often exploring new artists and genres. However, when selecting listening music, I need something that I can connect to emotionally; whether it be the lyrics, the singer, or the instrumental music behind it all (yes, I am guilty of having movie background music on my iPod), it has to make me feel something, or inspire me in some way. Consequently, I tend to fall in love with millions of different songs instead of a few specific artists. But, there are a few artists who can get me every time, and here they are.
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