Offside Short Film Response

By Ilana Peet


In soccer, the term 'offside' describes when a player is in an unlawful position on the field. In the short film, it would simply refer to a mistake.

During the time that the two groups are fighting, one makes a mistake, which leads to a misunderstanding, which leads to all of their deaths.

Claim: When someone makes a mistake and creates misunderstanding, the miscommunication in the conflict causes it to be harder to solve.


In the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians, each side does not understand the other's cause. If the two groups communicated, they would not have to fight as much as they do. Miscommunication in any relationship, whether it is international or local, causes the conflict to be prolonged. Each time Palestine and Israel fight about their issues, they always do the same thing. If they switched it up and communicated instead, they would actually get somewhat closer to solving their problems.

Palestinians want land, while Israelis want the Palestinians to be demilitarized (for their safety).


In my everyday life, I run into conflicts all the time. I have three siblings, and we fight almost daily. The miscommunication between us, just like the Palestinians and the Israelis, causes our problems to go unsolved.

Sometimes, when one of us wants to watch TV, but some of the others are in the kitchen talking really loud, a conflict begins. Yelling is exchanged between us until the kids in the kitchen disperse.