Team Legacy News

Matthew 6:20-21

Flash Sale

Be sure to check out for information about the Flash Sale that starts tomorrow and runs through the 22nd! This is a great way to add another party to your calendar!

Easter is just around the corner!

Now is the time to start promoting Easter to your customers and party guests! Here are some cute ideas to share.

Celebrate and Connect

Celebrate and Connect meetings are a way for you to learn more about Thirty One as well as receive training to help build your business. Meetings are not required, but are encouraged! Meetings take place all around the US during the same time frame. April 3rd through April 6th will be the next window. Registration is free if you sign up by the original deadline. If you miss the deadline, you can still sign up during late registration for a $5 fee. Considering you will receive a FREE amenity, even the $5 fee isn't bad! To register, visit and click on the Events tab!


I'd like to welcome our newest team members:

  • Karen Crozier
  • Melissa Vance

March Incentive

As a team, we are working toward some big goals this month, including a total of 12 parties entered! My director (our Senior Director), Becky Cave has issued a challenge:

Your name will go into the drawing in a variety of ways:

  1. Your name will go into the drawing for every $200 submitted in PV. So, that $200 party will get you one chance, but your $600 party will give you 3 chances.
  2. Your name will go into the drawing for every new recruit you add to your team. AND your new recruit will go into the drawing once as well!
  3. Your name will go into the drawing if you have a recruit that gets QUALIFIED during the month of March (Reaching their first $1,000 in sales).
  4. Your name will go into the drawing if you become active again (meaning you were going to go inactive, but instead you place an order during March).

Oh, did I tell you that the $50 gift card can be your choice? (Target, business supply credit; Outback Steakhouse, I don't know- something YOU would like!)

Who will be the lucky winner? And you never know when I may surprise you with a little something extra as well just for going for it!

Ready, Set, Sell Coming Soon

Be sure to get your April parties booked during the first half of the month and be ready to earn the Ready, Set, Sell incentives! For those new to Thirty One, the Ready, Set, Sell incentive allows us to earn free products from the NEW catalog the month before the catalog launches! Be sure to check out TOT ( for more information in the next few weeks! There will be two levels of prizes - usually a $500 level and a $1,000 level!