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The Copeland PTO Newsletter - March 6, 2020

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President’s Corner By Amanda Ball

I hope everyone has a relaxing and fun Spring Break. When we return we will only have 52 days of school left. It is passing by so quickly, but we still have lots of fun and exciting things planned.

Our Mother & Son Ultimate Tailgate was a big success. A big thanks to Rebecca Bintcliffe, Robin Sovie & Shyesha Cloud for organizing everything. A special thank you to Handley Dental for sponsoring the pizza for the event! And thank you to all the Mom & Sons that came out to enjoy all the games & food. It was a beautiful day to be with friends!

Do you have some special skills that you use in your everyday life and are ready to share them with Copeland? We will be recruiting chairmen positions soon, so click this link, Chairmen List PTO, to see if there is something that fits into your special skills. Please let me know if you are interested in something or have more questions.

Our community Movie Night and Silent Auction is on Friday, March 27, starting at 6:30 pm. Come out and join us for this fun annual event. We will show Frozen 2, have our silent auction, concession stand & games. We are currently seeking donations from businesses to include in our silent auction. If you know a business owner or frequent an establishment, please ask if they would be interested in donating to our silent auction. As a parent, do you have something you would like to donate to our auction? All donations are welcome and will help raise money for our Copeland Colts!

Thanks again for all you do to make our school such a success! We rely on our volunteers a lot and could not do any of this without you! As always, if you have questions/concerns/ideas regarding PTO, please feel free to contact me at


Copeland PTO Facebook - @CopelandElementaryPTO

Copeland PTO Instagram- @CopelandElementaryPTO

Remind App Copeland PTO Volunteers – Text @2868g4 to 81010

Remind App Copeland PTO Events – Text @aeb664 to 81010

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Less than 60 left...ORDER NOW!

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We need all our Android parent picture taking skills!

Go to an event...take pictures...upload in 5 seconds...your kid and their friends appear in the yearbook

We need all our Apple parent picture taking skills!

Go to an event...take pictures...upload in 5 seconds...your kid and their friends appear in the yearbook

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Congrats to Tracy Reynolds, our March Volunteer of the Month!

Thank you, Tracy Reynolds, for all the hours you put in at Copeland. You are AMAZING! It's people like you that make Copeland the best school our kids can be at. Enjoy your RESERVED parking spot up front! This is our way of thanking you for everything you do at Copeland Elementary.

Who will it be next month??? Log your hours now. If you need to know how, see the bottom of this newsletter for step by step directions on how to use Raptor, our volunteer hour recording system for CyFair ISD.

Volunteer Shout Out to Rebecca Bintcliffe and the Mother/Son Tailgate Committee

Rebecca, thank you for organizing our 2nd annual Mother/Son Ultimate Tailgate! We also want to thank your committee, Robin Sovie and Shyesha Cloud. We know it takes a whole team to pull off a big event like this. The tailgate was fun for everyone and we are so grateful for your hard work and dedication in making it happen! Y'all did an awesome job.

Volunteer Shout Out to our Multicultural Day Volunteers

Today was an awesome day for our 3rd graders! They had a blast learning about seven different countries' cultures, food, life, and artifacts. We want to give a big thank you to all those who donated items for today. These items allowed the kids to experience different countries, not just read or listen about them.

We couldn't have done it without Valerie Effinger and Jillana O'Dell, our chairmen for Multicultural day and the many volunteers that came yesterday to help set up, stayed all day today to be field guides to each class and help clean up afterward.

So thank you, thank you, thank you....

Danielle Smith

LaKishia Edwards

Melissa Rathbun

Kristen Sanchez

Stephanie Cardoso

Melanie Ablack

Ursula Meza

Jeana Handley

Rocio Salgado

Jessenia Flores

Amanda Ball

Shout out to the 3rd grade teachers for putting on a wonderful learning experience for our Colts!

Spirit Night March 19

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Volunteer Opportunities by Deepa Ozarkar

We continue to appreciate the time and efforts our volunteers put forward. If you have been considering volunteering, we have the perfect spot for you! We could use your skills and talents, whether you have one hour a month, one hour a week, or might even consider chairing a school event!

We know life is so busy. Between juggling jobs, caring for our children and household responsibilities, there never seems to be enough time in the day, and it can feel like there’s no more time to give. But volunteering isn’t just another thing on the “To Do” list. There are so many important benefits to volunteering at school—both for you and your child.

Here are a few I’d like to share:

1. Volunteering Makes a Difference in your Child’s Education

Children whose parents are involved in their schools do better. Research has shown that children of parents who volunteer make better grades and perform better on tests. They’re also better behaved, have better attendance, and are more likely to graduate and continue their education. The more parents participate at school, the more successful their children will be.

2. Volunteering Allows You to Spend More Time with Your Child

Our children spend A LOT of time at school. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to share in school-related experiences. It gives you more in common. It also allows you to be a fly on the wall and see your children in a different environment. It’s rewarding to watch them as they put all the skills you’ve taught them into action.

3. Volunteering Helps Create Community

I know it sounds cliché, but raising children takes a village. Volunteering at school is a great way to connect with other parents and create a circle of adult friends. Over time, these friends grow to know and love your children. Never underestimate the power of community in raising children.

4. Volunteering Allows You to Get to Know Teachers and Staff

Your child’s teacher and school staff are your teammates in parenting during the school year. They have a tremendous impact on children both academically and socially. Having a presence at school is a great way to get to know them better and show them your support.

5. Volunteering Makes Schools Better

Schools that have a strong volunteer base perform better. There are so many demands placed on schools with limited financial resources. Any volunteer effort can help bridge that gap at no additional cost to the school. Taking things off the plate of teachers, administration, and staff frees them up to do what they do best—educate our children.

6. Volunteering Allows You to Use Your Strengths

Volunteering is a great way to showcase your strengths. Look for opportunities that are within your wheelhouse. Using the skills that come naturally to you makes things easier (and often more enjoyable) and your natural talents will be appreciated.

7. Volunteering is Good for Your Health

I can’t share the benefits of volunteering without mentioning that it’s good for your health. Research shows that people who volunteer live longer, have lower stress levels, and are generally healthier. You can’t beat an opportunity that allows you to spend more time with your children AND decreases your stress.

If for no other reason than to spend more time with your children, I hope you’ll take the time to volunteer. There are no tasks too small, and every little bit helps to make the school better. And I have a feeling you’ll have a lot of fun along the way.

The Garden by Tracy Reynolds

The 3rd grade garden would love to have 4 hay bales donated to the garden. The 3rd graders will be growing cucumbers in the hay bales. Bales can be dropped off anytime near the picnic table. We would love to have the bales by our next garden date March 19.

Also, the 3rd graders are still selling bluebonnet seeds to help fund the supplies needed for the garden. The garden needs help with watering. If you are interested please email me at

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Science Resource Center

Parent volunteers: We have LOTS of SRC demos coming up in March and April. If you have trained this year or in previous years and are interested in helping to present a demo to students, please email Andrea Packer at with your contact information and what demos you are trained for. We would love your help!

Spirit Gear SALE!!!

We are having a sale on our V-Neck shirts! They have been reduced to $12. Please go online to, click fundraising from the menu to place your order. You can always choose the pay later option if you would like.

We still have a limited number of sizes available for all of our other spirit shirts and hoodies if you are interested in showing your school spirit! If you have any questions please email

Help us get FREE MONEY for Our Kids!!!!

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Birthday Marquee

Support your Copeland PTO and wish your Copeland Colt a HAPPY BIRTHDAY by featuring them on the Copeland Elementary Marquee the week of their birthday.

It's Simple and Easy...

- Choose the week you want to feature your Copeland Colt

- Complete the Birthday Marquee Form

- Submit the $20 Birthday Marquee Fee

- Watch the look on their face when they see their name

Spots are limited to 5 listings per week. You must submit the form and payment by noon on the Friday prior to the week selected. So sign up your Copeland Colt TODAY!

Does your student have a summer birthday or is the week of their birthday already filled up? You can choose any week that is still available.

Due to processing, payments must be made online or by cash to guarantee your spot on the birthday marquee. If you are paying by cash; complete this online form, choose the "pay later" option then submit the payment within two business days to the school, either to the front office or send it in with your student.

P.E. Twitter Page Fun

Check out our Twitter page @CopelandPE3 for P.E. fun photos.

Log your Volunteer Hours to get more money for our school!

Working for our kids as a volunteer is both rewarding and important. Please log your volunteer hours in our Raptor Portal. The more volunteer hours we log the more money we get from the state.

CFISD has provided an online program to make it easier on volunteers to log and track their

volunteer hours. This program is called Raptor, which is part of the V-Soft security software

that helps keep our schools safe.

Copeland does not have logbooks in the front office to record your hours. So, in order to

log your hours, you will need to establish a raptor account. This is quite easy and will allow

you to log your hours at home.

The steps to register online are as follows:

1. Go to or click on the "New to Raptor" button below.

2. Complete this form in its entirety and submit (you must have an email address to do this)

3. You will receive an email from with your account information and password.

4. Once you receive the email use the button below to log in to your account.

5. Add this website to your favorites (this is where you will log hours)

6. Log in with email and password

7. Select campus

8. Select the tabs you will need

This program will be used to determine volunteer of the month and reporting our total volunteer hours to the district, enabling them to apply for various grants and programs.

Log Volunteer Hours Here

If you are a returning volunteer and have a login, use this link to sign in and log your hours.

New to Raptor Volunteer Portal?

Click here to create your account if you have never used Raptor to log volunteer hours

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