Style Steals + New Fall Collection

Check out end of summer steals, new styles & bonus days!

New Collection Launch & HOOPLA!

Happy August - one of my favorite months! ;) Lots of excitement over the past few weeks here at Stella & Dot! At the end of July, about 3,000 of us Stylists got together in Orlando for our annual conference, aka HOOPLA!! How much fun is that?! Let me tell ya - it's A LOT of fun! Not only is it a blast, it's truly inspirational and memorable. Being my very first Hoopla, I really soaked it all in and learned as much as I possibly could. While there, our new Fall Collection launched - and let me just say - it's FABULOUS! Honestly, it's one of the best and most well received lines ever! How crazy is that?! The pieces are beautiful and there really is something for everyone - from gorgeous statements to simple, yet beautiful delicates. If you haven't taken a look yet, I highly recommend it! ;)

Hostess Bonus Days!!!

August has an incredible Hostess Bonus!! Every August Hostess with a qualifying show will receive a FREE engravable (bar necklace or ID tag), in addition to the rewards you earn from your show! There is still plenty of time to host a show!!! Book today!! Plus, our Trunk Show Exclusives are to-die-for gorgeous!

Stella & Dot Foundation - Every Mother Counts

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One of my (many) favorite things about being a part of Stella & Dot is how much they give back. At Hoopla, they announced the partnership between Stella & Dot Foundation and Every Mother Counts. Every Mother Counts is "dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother." Some scary statistics -- Every 2 minutes, a woman dies during childbirth -- 98% (!!!) of those deaths are preventable. We're not just talking about underdeveloped countries -- 2 women die EVERY DAY in the U.S.! This is just so terrifying to me. Stella & Dot has designed the Enlighten bracelet to help raise funds and awareness for this incredibly important, near and dear to my heart, cause. 100% of net proceeds from this bracelet are donated to Every Mother Counts. Below is a graphic showing the impact of each purchase --
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These bracelets have been flying off the 'shelves' and we are currently in a backorder situation -- this to me is absolutely incredible. Our CEO said we sold 1,800 in ONE DAY!! How awesome is that?! Because we are currently sold out - with an expected back in stock date of late September -- they are only taking pre-orders until August 7th! If you want to reserve yours now -- please contact me!! Otherwise, if you are interested, but would like to wait, let me know and I will notify you when they are back in stock! I have this bracelet and I'm pretty sure I've worn it nearly every single day - it's gorgeous, modern and so unique! Love it!! Plus - on the inside of the band it says 'Mother Sister Daughter' in 3 languages.... beautiful and meaningful piece to add to your collection.
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So, with all of this beautiful new product I just had to get -- I've run out of room in my display! Such a tough problem to have ;) Lucky for you, I am selling some of my samples at 50% off to make room! Take a look and let me know if you see anything you like! First come, First dibs!

Fall Collection Inspiration w/Our Chief Creative Officer - Blythe Harris

The Inspiration Behind The Fall Line From Chief Creative Officer Blythe Harris

Own It! Love it!

Becoming a Stylist with Stella & Dot this year has turned out to be one of my favorite choices of 2014! Stella & Dot is a growing & innovative company empowering women (and men!) to be happy and enjoy that flexible lifestyle while earning a little (or a lot!) extra each month! Interested in learning more?! Call me & I will fill you in on why this works for me and how it can also work for you, regardless of your schedule! Why wait?! Join now and change your life!