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April 19, 2019

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Dear Families,

I don't think Passion Week could have come at a better time for Manning. During the same week when over half a million children stayed home because of a threat of senseless violence, it was refreshing to see our students working on projects that could change the future of our world for the better. Some students have already begun to inspire small changes in our local community. Others have a vision for ways they can make a difference in the near future as they pursue their careers and passions. It was a delight to see how community-minded our students are. Thank you for sharing them with us!

Have a great weekend.

David / Mr. Luongo

Our Students Presented Well! Thank You to All the Parents Who Came to Support

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Spirit Week Begins on Monday

Next week is Spirit Week! Please join us in celebrating our Red Carpet Formal dance theme and dress the part.

Monday: Manning Monday (Wear your Manning gear)

Tuesday: Twisted Tuesday (It's like Freaky Friday, dress like another student or teacher)

Wednesday: Western Wednesday: Dress like your favorite Western character

Thursday: Throwback Thursday: Dress like a character in a movie from a different decade (Grease - 50's)

Friday: Day Without Hate (wear your Day Without hate T-shirt or white)!

Reminder - Friday is an Early Release Day

School lets out at 12:25 on Friday, April 26th. Lunch will not be served on that day.

Spring Dance

Our Manning Red Carpet Formal Dance is next Friday, April 26th from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Students may wear formal attire but it is not required. Please adhere to school dress code. Cost is $15 for the dance and Olive Garden Dinner (gluten free pasta also provided). Please purchase tickets via Jeffco Connect.

Meet & Greet Night

Thursday, April 25th is our Meet and Greet Night for new incoming students and families. We will begin at 4:30 pm in the auditorium, and then students and families will have a chance to meet their teachers and learn more about Manning. We look forward to seeing you Thursday!

Administrative Professionals Day

Wednesday, April 24th is Administrative Professionals Day. We would like to take this day to recognize our hard working front office staff. On a daily basis, Jade, Melaine, and Shannon are the front line of our school and go above and beyond to make students, families and staff feel welcome. If you would like to help us recognize these ladies for how hard they work and how much they do, please have your student bring a single flower to the main office on Wednesday morning. We hope to make several bouquets to brighten the office!

Manning PTA Scholarship

Congratulations to Courtney Scott, former Manning student for winning the 2019 Manning PTA Scholarship. She will be using the money to help pay tuition at either Montana State or Washington University.

Manning is a Network Partner with!

Sponsored by 14 Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, the One Billion Acts of Peace Campaign is an international global citizens' movement designed to tackle the most important problems facing our planet. Becoming a Billion Acts Network Partner allows our students to help our community, while tracking all of our own Acts of Peace. Please visit for more information, and add your own "acts of peace" -- the campaign's goal is 1 billion acts by 2020!

Here is an example of one of the billion acts of peace:

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Another Example (Our Students are Striving to Make a Difference!)

One of Mr. Hageman's poverty groups in 7th grade for Passion Week is asking people to donate non-perishable canned foods and non-used hygiene products like toilet paper, toothbrushes, deodorant, and other products that would be extremely helpful to their cause. Next week on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, they will collect these items outside the main doors to the building. Then at the dance on Friday, they will draw a raffle for prizes only eligible to people who made a donation. For every two items you donate, you get a raffle ticket which you can put into the prize drawing of your choice: $50 visa card, $50 sunglasses, $25 AMC gift card, and $15 Starbucks gift card. Thank you and we hope you donate to our cause to help the homeless.

New Access Competition

If you have any slightly used or new clothing that you are not going to wear anymore or any canned and or boxed food, then, please, donate these items to the boxes in your access class before the 10th of May. The access class that donates the most will get a free doughnut party.

~ McKenna Merz & Chloe Haynes

Reminder to 8th Graders

On Monday, April 22, please bring your class novel! For Traditional, that's S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders; for Honors, that's Sir A.C. Doyle's The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Beech Street Parking

Our neighbors who live across 32nd Avenue along Beech Street are requesting Manning families to observe the posted signs, which read, "No Parking." Otherwise, it is very difficult for two-way traffic to flow. If you parallel park along Beech Street to wait to pick up your student after school, please make alternative arrangements. Thank you!

Next District Diabetes Support Group Meeting

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Attention Manning 8th Graders Attending Ralston Valley Next Year

If you are currently taking Algebra or Geometry at Manning, you will need to take Ralston Valley's placement exam. This is not a timed test so you can leave as soon as you are finished. There are two more opportunities to do this.

At Ralston Valley on Wednesday April 17 or April Wednesday April 24 at 3:30 pm

Incoming Ralston Valley HS Spanish Students

Students attending Ralston Valley in the fall and wanting to take Spanish II or III need to take the placement test at Ralston Valley on Thursday April 18 or Tuesday April 23 starting at 3:30 or as soon as you arrive.

Message from the PTA

The April General meeting originally scheduled for Wednesday will be held this coming Wednesday, April 24 at 8:30 am. We hope to see you there!

Teacher and Staff Appreciation week is May 6-10. Does anyone else find it hard to believe that May will be here really, really soon? We hope to be able to offer our hard-working staff a full week of treats, but we need your help to make this happen! Please take a look at the Sign Up Genius (link below) to find out how you can help. Thank you!

The Manning PTA needs you! We are in need of chairs for both the silent auction and the chili cookoff in the fall.

The silent auction can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like- we have often done a very simple event, and as a chairperson you would be able to go bigger if you want, or not.

The chair for the chili cookoff will help organize a committee to set up the chili cooks and the cafeteria.

You can email us at if you have any questions or if you would like to help chair this fun event.

Do you know a 7th grader with great potential?

RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) is a fun, exciting and life-changing summer experience available for students.

WHEN: July 21-July 26 OR July 28-Aug. 2

Denver Mile High Rotary is sponsoring 2 students for this amazing opportunity. If you would be interested in applying, please check out:

To apply online go to

Make sure you select "Denver Mile High" from the dropdown, so you your application gets assigned to the right club. The Application is due in April and there will be an interview in May.

Acting Opportunity

Golden's award-winning theater, Miners Alley Playhouse, is currently offering their spring after-school theater classes. Miners Alley Playhouse is known throughout the region for presenting professional, top-notch work, and their classes and summer programs are no exception. Please click below for details about enrolling your children in these after-school adventures!

Follow Manning on Instagram! username- manningschool

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Please follow us on facebook, too! @themanningschooljeffco

Reminder to Utilize Tutor Time in the Morning 7:50 - 8:15

Don't fall behind! Come get extra one-on-one attention with your teachers before school.

  • Monday - Math or Electives
  • Tuesday - Math or English or 6th Grade Science
  • Wednesday - Math or Social Studies
  • Thursday - Math or Science
  • Friday - Math

PLC Update

Unfortunately, we missed our PLC time this week, as school was cancelled on Wednesday.

At Manning, we strive to live our core values every day.

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  • Shayne Winn is such a fun person to be around she is so sweet and cares a lot about her friends and is very honest.
  • On the first day Ella Yancey didn't know what she wanted to do and was honest about it, also when we were talking about my project and she was honest about what she thought about it. Thank you Ella


  • Ryan Jenkins actively pursued feedback on his project from several sources in order to make it as wonderful as it could be.
  • Adelyn Westfall used passion week to create a beautiful ocean scene on canvas. She planned out and sketched before finalizing and came out with a beautiful product. She also offered and helped another student with art in their project.
  • Ruby Lucken worked so hard during passion week to create an amazing model of a WWII battle. The final product looks amazing!
  • Ben Barron did such an amazing job this week. In fact, he worked so hard, he completed 2 passion projects to present on Friday!
  • Lily Fellows worked so hard during Passion Week. She was always focused and did her best. Lily is a great student and friend.
  • Hogan Dewell was on task during the entire passion week. This student worked very hard and created the best possible project.
  • Camy Ricketson put a lot of effort in her project and it looks awesome!
  • Tero Cook worked so hard during Passion Week. He is a great student and always tries his best.
  • Max Behm worked super hard on his passion and created an awesome mini golf course. It started off as a tiny little tunnel that didn't always work, but now its a giant putting green that Mr. Luongo has to help move around the school. Make sure to check it out!
  • Milo Messina was on task during the entire passion week. This student worked very hard and created the best possible project.
  • Jordan Beecher had so much to do on her passion project, and it got harder when we lost a work day. Instead of giving up and completely changing her project on the last day, she was humble enough to ask for help. She worked really hard all day and was really kind to the people helping her, even when they ate her goldfish. She worked really hard and didn't give up, and she succeeded.
  • Lily Fellows worked extremely hard to find the right passion project. She also worked hard to complete her project. She went above and beyond to prove that she was done and finished. On top of that she also helped me with technology struggles I had. She is a great friend thank you Lily!
  • Holden Jones help me on my project
  • Good job Manning students for putting so much effort into your passion projects. You all did an amazing job.
  • Zoe Miller worked hard to complete a really cool project and website to teach people about her sport, tele-skiing, and even included links for students to get into the sport and purchase gear!


  • Monica Ly explored a new art form and found in it a talent and a new way to express herself. Her photography is lovely and compelling!
  • Maisie Jaworsky used her knowledge of human impact on ecosystems to create an artform made of plastic in order to raise awareness on the issue. It turned out beautiful and she went above and beyond.
  • Ella Yancey worked very hard on her project, Now it looks awesome
  • Team Stoop is a team that makes my day ten times better and it would mean a lot if they got nominated this group is a team that plays silent ball.
  • Sabrina Hendry is so sweet and nice to everyone.
  • Jack Stringer identified a problem in his sport of Tennis and developed a solution for people to fill out a google form, on a website he created, in order to meet other people who want to play tennis. Great problem solving, Jack!


  • Logan Dickerson was deeply respectful to a guest speaker in his class during Dr. Glass's Challenge Week. He shared valuable insights in discussion, took risks by sharing his observations and showed the speaker that he valued her experience and expertise.
  • Based on the poem, "Character of the Happy Warrior" by William Wordsworth, our human rights Billion Acts group nicknamed themselves "The Happy Warriors." As an incredible team, we researched, and wrote, painted and sang karaoke, and even played volleyball to keep our juices flowing. Our theme song was from Pixar's short, "Lava." Thank you, happy warriors, for inspiring me!
  • Liya always sits with me at lunch and she picks up trash that she finds on the ground.
  • I broke my arm and Sierra Roberts, Millie Morris, Abbey Morrissey, Ying Leu, Skylar Mercer, and Leah Coggins have been helping me a lot. They are helping me get to classes, gather my materials, and just overall helping out a ton. Thank you all so much!!!!!
  • Makena Knop brought me candy when I got hurt.
  • Allie Neal gave me good feedback when I was making my dance for Dr. Glass week.
  • Mr. Molinare is always so funny and nice. We get work done in his class, and we can still have fun. He treats us fairly and is an amazing teacher. He makes boring topics or subjects into fun and interesting.
  • Kori Mayfield helped me find a passion project that I really liked, and she still managed to complete her amazing project. Thank you Kori
  • Ily Herrera is a great student and friend. She works so hard and always tries her best at everything she does. Ily is so kind to me, and she is so funny. Whenever I'm feeling down, she is always there to cheer me up.
  • Sierra Roberts is a kind loving girl and every time I see her she has the biggest smile
  • Mrs. Templeton is a very engaging principal. She has a great school and always tries her best to do what is best for her students. She is also very kind and nice.
  • Liya Bronfon always comes to school with a smile on her face and is always open to new ideas. Liya is a one of a kind friend and I am blessed to know her.
  • One day when I was opening my lunch box I realized it was infested with ants. When JJ Killian sat down with us he immediately offered to buy me lunch. JJ is a very caring friend and I am very happy to be able to know him.
  • Avery Mercer will always put a smile on my face and often makes me feel so much better.
  • Emma Bougher is always willing to help when needed. She respects those around her and is kind to all.


  • Ms. Whitacre's boys group (Logan, Luke, Cole, and Nath) are always working so well and are a great examople of what teamwork looks like.
  • Olivia Lane, Seri Schneider, Amelia Pennell, and Eva Pollard - This team was working so hard all of challenge week but also staying so uplifted. Every time Eva and Amelia went in the halls, they made a Monty Python reference by using their hands as coconuts and galloping around. In the classroom, they were making Monty Python references and laughing about African Swallows versus European Swallows. They just kept a smile on my face all week.
  • Caden McNew was very receptive to feedback and took his project to the next level. His animation skills are AMAZING!
  • During the brain breaks, Ella Yancey and Julia Kaufholz were able to work together to help others learn some volleyball skills, and they worked together to help make the brain breaks more fun than if they hadn't been working together to make the brain breaks fun.
  • Kendyl Weston (Kenny) is so sweet to everyone and she is fun to be around. She always jumps on us and even though she knocked my friend down she makes everything so much fun.

The Manning School of Academics and Arts

The vision of The Manning School of Academics and Arts is to challenge all students to work to their highest potential and encourage student responsibility as they develop intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally and creatively.