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Once Again a Visit to the Doctor!

It is definitely hard to predict what ways can help us to get rid of stretch marks. It’s a fact that at least half of the pregnant women get stretch marks but it’s quite difficult to banish the nasty lines altogether, but if the stretch marks still bother you after your pregnancy, the best way to find a solution is to talk to a dermatologist about ways to minimize them. So, I went to the doctor again to know about the possible remedies. Well! I have been to the doctor earlier as well but as per my research, I have also found that home remedies for stretch marks plays important role. The doctor has suggested me to use Dermology stretch mark removal cream but I just went to him to ask if in addition to the cream, I can also apply some useful homemade remedies such as olive oil, Shea butter etc. To this, the doctor said ‘Yes’.

While I was about to return from the doctor’s clinic, I noticed a young girl talking to the receptionist. She was having a conversation regarding stretch marks. She was quite healthy and I guess weight gain was the reason of her stretch marks. She seemed to be quite upset as I heard her saying that laser stretch mark removal was very expensive and she was not able to get it over completely. I came back home.

When I reached home, I researched about laser removal technique. I was true! The remedy was quite expensive and moreover, it doesn’t even guarantee that it is 100 percent effective. So, I think application of Dermology stretch mark cream would be effective rather than going for these expensive solutions.